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What Gratitude Brings


What Gratitude Brings

Continuing with the series of expressing gratitude, this article will put light on various aspects what gratitude can bring in your life and how life will never remain same. A simple thank you, I appreciate it, or a nice big hug, goes a long way in showing gratitude. They take very little time and effort and are extremely powerful. These are a few gestures that leave little room for miscommunication, direct and straight to the point of showing someone that you care, that you are grateful. And bonus, you feel great too.

Let’s now investigate further, into the benefits of showing gratitude:



Health and Wellness



All of which are collectively united with your overall happiness and well being, appreciation for life and all that it has to offer.   


Friendship bonds are deepened with a Dash of Gratitude

By making other feel appreciated and valued you are going to have and win-win scenario. They are going to feel great that you are showing gratitude towards them and giving importance to what they have done for you. You will for sure smile for it.

If you choose to not show gratitude, you will be pre-judged in a negative light. Whereas showing gratitude is considered a positive in various cultures and religions. Being gracious doesn’t mean you are weak. It represents strength and recognition of the goodness of others and all things.

I don’t know about you, but someone that shows gratitude naturally is downright awesome!

You’re more Approachable with Gratitude

May be its just me, but I believe there is a different aura with the people that display gratitude. And when you see someone in action who is gratuitous in nature, it’s like an open door for opportunity. A strong suggestion this person is respectful, happy and helpful.

Gratitude Helps Make Friends’

The easier way to make friends is to say your “thank-you’s ,” and make sure you appreciate people for the little things they have done for you. Things like making a habit of paying people a nice compliment just because it’s a fantastic to make friends. And you just never know when you genuinely thoughtful comment can flip someone’s frown upside – down, setting them up for a fabulous day.


Output Increases with Gratitude

Studies show that if you lack self-confidence, your work effectiveness decreases. On the other hand, if you radiate confidence, you are going to be more productive on the job.

So what has this to do with gratitude? Gratitude helps to boost your confidence levels and get rid of insecurities.

Goals are Hit More with Gratitude

 If you practice gratitude more often, you’re more likely to reach your goals. This does makes sense if you stop and think over it, because productive people are more likely to be positive, and positive people have an increased likelihood to use their manners, and go out of their way to make another person “feel special.”



Health and Wellness

Did you know that gratitude helps you get healthier mentally and physically? Understanding your psychosomatic is more important than you probably think in your overall health and well being. Perception in a positive light will deter disease and illness from settling in, and help you improve your quality of life as a whole. Think of it as waking up and seeing the world through sunshine every day, versus clouds of gray and rain showers.

Attitude and everything and gratitude helps you see the upside in living and life.

And as for the physical side of the fence, practicing gratitude has been shown to transfer into “physical” self -betterment.  

In other words, by taking the time to show gratitude on a routine basis, you are going to improve your health both mentally and physically, thus bettering your quality of life as a whole.

Remaining two aspects CHARACTER  and  EMOTIONAL will be discussed in coming article.

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Love and Peace from author.

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What Gratitude Brings

  What Gratitude Brings Continuing with the series of expressing gratitude, this article will put light on various aspects what gratitude ...