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Routes to Express Gratitude


What are the routes to express GRATITUDE?

This article is in continuation to the series of  TOPIC GRATITUDE and first article : “The Game of GRATITUDE”                                                             [ ] in which I wrote about gratitude and its meaning, in this article I shall write about what are the routes to express GRATITUDE?

There are universal routes to expressing gratitude. If you ask someone for helping you carry your luggage to the car, that’s just not an acceptable token of gratitude. However, if you gave them a “THANK YOU” and a smile, or perhaps even pushed you luck with a nice big hug, that would do wonders and you would be showing gratitude.

There are few routes in which you can learn to express gratitude. Anything that has to do with change takes time, I think you will agree here? In fact if you want to create a new habit, you need to repeat the particular action regularly without failure for at least 3 month in order to have it stick, at least that’s what the behavioral experts seem to think. If you want to improve your gracious nature, you need to practice.

Same way if you want to kick – start your gratitude attitude, why not start with making a list, a list of gratitude? This is simple tool to train your mind to recognize the things in life you are grateful for, things that you might not acknowledge so much in your everyday life and best bet is to dive right in and write down a hundred things you are grateful for. Don’t think about what you are writing, just do it. Whatever pops into your mind with the thought, focal point “GRATEFUL”, write it down before it slips away.

The purpose to this practice is to help you to appreciate and be grateful for the things you have in your life, and not just materialistic items. This is a whole lot more than that. Things like your sister’s caring nature, even though she black mails you from time to time, or how about your boss, because if you didn’t have him /her, you wouldn’t have job you love right now, earning you’re living and getting return of your studies. The point here is, that with an open mind and appreciation for “everything” you have, by actually writing a list to remind yourself of these things, your world is only going to get richer and broader.

Follow practice of “PERSONAL JOURNAL”

This is great habit to get into, writing a journal for gratification. Just write thoughts each day that you are appreciative of, things you want to recognize and not take for granted. Too many things in life seem to pass us by where we don’t take or rather take the time to show gratification.

All you need for this is a notebook and a pen or a pencil. Make a habit of writing in it before you go to bed each night, or you can even write few thoughts here and there throughout your day. Just having you book with you will subliminally remind you to be gracious. It will put the thought in the back of your mind and make you a better, more loving, and giving person because of it. Trust me.

Follow the practice of GIVING BACK

We all have so much to be grateful for. It doesn’t matter who you are, no matter what, there are always those less fortunate than ourselves. In a strange way, this can help you to show gratitude for what you do have. Giving back to a special cause near and dear to your heart, is a fantastic way to show you are grateful for what you have.

Maybe you are grateful for having a dry and warm place to live, so you can volunteer a few hours to help out at the local homeless shelter. Or perhaps you are thankful you have warm clothing. You can inspire yourself to clean your closets, take down the not needed cloths give them to less fortunate, so that they can also have warm clothing to wear in cold weather. Giving away just feels right and give satisfaction deep inside that will remind you of all that you have to show gratitude for.

Express gratitude through PRAYERS

One don’t have to be religious to pray, anyone can do it. But many who do believe in some sort of “GOD”, or eternal power or being of sorts, find that showing gratitude through prayer warms your insides. There is no right or wrong way of doing prayer, GOD only understand emotions. All you have to do is close your eyes take some deep breaths feel connected with the supreme power GOD, say what you feel at that time. We thank god for sunny days in winters and cloudy days in summers, few of us thank for full marks in exams and few others thank for just getting through the exams. Words are same may be order is different. Prayer is game of emotions and expressions.

These are few routes though which we can express our gratitude to others and appreciate for what we have. It’s time to count blessings in life and leave worries in other room, list of expressing gratitude will be much longer than the list of being unsatisfied with.

Love and peace from the author

Thank you all readers.   

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