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Gratitude should be the ATTITUDE

It really isn’t that hard to show someone that you appreciate them, right? May be because they helped you with groceries, or they must have actually stopped to help you when your car broke down or you were struggling to cross busy road.

Is it really that hard to say THANK YOU? It only takes millisecond to acknowledge and show respect and ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. Saying thank you is not about appreciating someone for their helping hands but it shows gratitude.

Let’s talk on something. How do you personally feel when you show gratitude for something? When you volunteer your time to read stories to children that are sick and stuck, don’t you feel good afterwards, don’t you feel proud and happy deep inside, don’t to experience satisfaction inside. When you put smile on someone’s face because you thanked them for something they did for you, don’t you get smiles back?

Showing gratitude isn’t just a matter of manners, showing that you really are raised on a farm, that sows ‘right’ and reaps ‘right’. It’s a matter of respect. By not showing gratitude in everyday life, you are showing the world that you don’t respect it or anyone in it.

Negativity manifests if gratitude isn’t shown. Society looks down on people that are disrespectful of it and don’t practice it, and rightly so I would think. Gratitude means a whole lot more than just showing someone you have manners and respect. The meaning goes way deeper, into your psychological health and well being.

Simple rule of this universe is positivity creates productivity, advancement, fulfillment, determination, and the desire to “do the right thing.” It’s the positive mindset that sets you up for success. It helps you make it through the tough times and appreciate the great ones much more. With positivity comes hope and happiness, a desire to be bigger and better than you ever imagined on all levels; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To make a habit of showing gratitude, and believing it does make a difference. It makes difference for both you and the recipient.

Lets understand what gratitude is in definitive words, “Gratitude is believed to have derived from European roots, and is simple state of thankfulness and being grateful. Pretty simple right?

Let’s understand it little deeper and uncover more of what this word truly means. Let’s open our minds just a little bit more, and better ourselves in the process. It’s important you understand that gratitude is far too important to be used to for materialistic purposes. This should help you feel better or perhaps to give yourself  permission to not feel guilty for having material possessions that may be a little extreme, particularly when there are dying children in the world that don’t have a clean and safe place to live, fresh drinking water, or enough food for their belly.

Now this isn’t trying to make you feel guilty or bad for what you do have in life. It’s just to point out the fact that gratitude is not about material possessions. And gratitude isn’t automatically associated with the big man upstairs.

Gratitude has no boundaries; it doesn’t judge people on any level. Gratitude can be practiced regardless of your domination, your beliefs, customs and traditions. Now this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show gratitude for your beliefs, religious or not, but these two things are mutually exclusive, not collectively exhaustive.

Gratitude isn’t extreme positivity

This doesn’t mean that gratitude isn’t positive and can’t be used to support positive thought. But is more about looking at the “big picture.” Life is full of positive and negative in between. By acknowledging your sadness, heartache, worries and fears with gratitude, you can flip on your positive switch and appreciate the good that you have.

Gratitude isn’t final

We set our goals in life and work hard to hit them. Then what? Well, we celebrate our victory; the hard work, perseverance and dedication we had paid off and now it’s time to give thanks.

Gratitude is so much more than being thankful or giving thanks, it’s about stepping outside of this “one- track” thought process and looking at how you reached your goal. Opening your mind to those, who helped you? Because for certain you couldn’t have done it alone right?


Gratitude is just one of those words that are only intimidating if you look beneath the surface, digging deeper to find the true or maybe “broader” meaning. With this basic understanding, let’s move on with our exploration.

Now let’s take some time out and express our gratitude to all those who must have helped us in this journey even if someone offered you glass of water or even have passed you smile while walking when you were lot in your thoughts and worries.

Love, peace and THANK YOU.

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