Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Natural and Supernatural realms


Two realms that exists NATURAL AND SUPERNATURAL

“I consider wisdom supernatural because it is not taught by men – it’s a gift from GOD.”

In continuation to the series of my article understanding GOD, in this article I will write about the two realms that exists NATURAL AND SUPERNATURAL REALM. In case readers have missed my previous article titled SUPERNATURAL POWER OF GOD https://www.dreamfulllife.com/2020/08/supernatural-power-of-god.html and WHO IS GOD? https://www.dreamfulllife.com/2020/08/who-is-god.html can click on given links and understand. Lets now brief out these two realms.

What is the natural realm? It is the dimension that operates above natural laws. It is the spiritual realm – permanent, invisible, and eternal – located outside of time. It exercises dominion over the natural realm. The spiritual realm can be accessed only by FAITH.

We do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

During the supernatural service miracles, healing, salvation's and transformations occurs. Manifestation of holy spirit occurs, including signs, wonders, unexpected cancellations of debts, financial miracles and much more.

Now, let us understand the invisible, eternal and omnipotent God, healing services are called upon at religious places and we people feel so fresh and peace full from within. We forgot our illness we experience supernatural power of God. Atmosphere of any religious place is so positive and we experience as if we are in unity with God, He not only surrounds us but is also within us.

Many time It happens with us all that, while we pray at home in peaceful place while offering our prayers we hear specific voice from within us, that’s god trying communicating from within, sometimes giving blessings and sometimes giving warnings. When we start listening and believing our intuitive voice we activate the supernatural power of God, and the miracles started to flow.

We all are powerful enough to heal our selves at any time and for any serious ailments only we need to activate our supernatural power from inside and it happens only at the will of GOD.

Throughout, we learn of a God who operates in a supernatural way, who dwells outside of time, who is able to interrupt time, space and matter if HE so desires. This is what we call a “Miracle.” Miracle can be defined as a “supernatural power or intervention of God that interrupts the normal course of the natural life.” When he removes HIS fingers, natural time resumes once again. Every day we urgently need God to interrupt our daily existence so that we can see and experience his divine manifestation and miracles. God has to stop anything at any time, just imagine will God will stop Sun to rotate, stop plants to provide oxygen, stop water to flow, stop clouds to form, stop seeds to germinate, stop the gravitational power of earth???????

There will be no day or night if sun stops, no life if production of oxygen stops, no rain without clouds, no food without germination, no grounding with no gravitational power.

Today science has answer why and how all these natural phenomenon occurs daily but don’t forgo this phenomenon is occurring from time immemorial. There is some power or force behind all these natural occurring and  that power is non others but that of GOD. We cannot limit GOD. He is supernatural and all – powerful. He has complete and total dominion over nature.

  Thanks all readers

Love and peace.

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