Tuesday, September 15, 2020



Gratitude should be the ATTITUDE

It really isn’t that hard to show someone that you appreciate them, right? May be because they helped you with groceries, or they must have actually stopped to help you when your car broke down or you were struggling to cross busy road.

Is it really that hard to say THANK YOU? It only takes millisecond to acknowledge and show respect and ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. Saying thank you is not about appreciating someone for their helping hands but it shows gratitude.

Let’s talk on something. How do you personally feel when you show gratitude for something? When you volunteer your time to read stories to children that are sick and stuck, don’t you feel good afterwards, don’t you feel proud and happy deep inside, don’t to experience satisfaction inside. When you put smile on someone’s face because you thanked them for something they did for you, don’t you get smiles back?

Showing gratitude isn’t just a matter of manners, showing that you really are raised on a farm, that sows ‘right’ and reaps ‘right’. It’s a matter of respect. By not showing gratitude in everyday life, you are showing the world that you don’t respect it or anyone in it.

Negativity manifests if gratitude isn’t shown. Society looks down on people that are disrespectful of it and don’t practice it, and rightly so I would think. Gratitude means a whole lot more than just showing someone you have manners and respect. The meaning goes way deeper, into your psychological health and well being.

Simple rule of this universe is positivity creates productivity, advancement, fulfillment, determination, and the desire to “do the right thing.” It’s the positive mindset that sets you up for success. It helps you make it through the tough times and appreciate the great ones much more. With positivity comes hope and happiness, a desire to be bigger and better than you ever imagined on all levels; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To make a habit of showing gratitude, and believing it does make a difference. It makes difference for both you and the recipient.

Lets understand what gratitude is in definitive words, “Gratitude is believed to have derived from European roots, and is simple state of thankfulness and being grateful. Pretty simple right?

Let’s understand it little deeper and uncover more of what this word truly means. Let’s open our minds just a little bit more, and better ourselves in the process. It’s important you understand that gratitude is far too important to be used to for materialistic purposes. This should help you feel better or perhaps to give yourself  permission to not feel guilty for having material possessions that may be a little extreme, particularly when there are dying children in the world that don’t have a clean and safe place to live, fresh drinking water, or enough food for their belly.

Now this isn’t trying to make you feel guilty or bad for what you do have in life. It’s just to point out the fact that gratitude is not about material possessions. And gratitude isn’t automatically associated with the big man upstairs.

Gratitude has no boundaries; it doesn’t judge people on any level. Gratitude can be practiced regardless of your domination, your beliefs, customs and traditions. Now this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show gratitude for your beliefs, religious or not, but these two things are mutually exclusive, not collectively exhaustive.

Gratitude isn’t extreme positivity

This doesn’t mean that gratitude isn’t positive and can’t be used to support positive thought. But is more about looking at the “big picture.” Life is full of positive and negative in between. By acknowledging your sadness, heartache, worries and fears with gratitude, you can flip on your positive switch and appreciate the good that you have.

Gratitude isn’t final

We set our goals in life and work hard to hit them. Then what? Well, we celebrate our victory; the hard work, perseverance and dedication we had paid off and now it’s time to give thanks.

Gratitude is so much more than being thankful or giving thanks, it’s about stepping outside of this “one- track” thought process and looking at how you reached your goal. Opening your mind to those, who helped you? Because for certain you couldn’t have done it alone right?


Gratitude is just one of those words that are only intimidating if you look beneath the surface, digging deeper to find the true or maybe “broader” meaning. With this basic understanding, let’s move on with our exploration.

Now let’s take some time out and express our gratitude to all those who must have helped us in this journey even if someone offered you glass of water or even have passed you smile while walking when you were lot in your thoughts and worries.

Love, peace and THANK YOU.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Spiritual Healing


Spiritual Healing

What is spiritual healing?

“You have to grow from inside out. Non can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

With the advancement in medical practices, traditional medicine face continues to change. With standard medical practices, many people are discovering that there can be distinct health benefits in spiritual healing practices. But what is spiritual healing? And how it can help us to take a most holistic approach to overall health care and well – being?

Spiritual healing is by definition, the healing of non physical means to treat illness. Sometimes referred to as “faith healing,” spiritual is a treatment considered to be, classified as “alternative” or “non-traditional.” Roots of spiritual healing goes back to centuries, and some form of this treatment have been shown to exist is almost every culture known to history.

It is said that everything that exist is, is in form of energy, spiritual healing is a type of energy from one person, the “healer,” to another. Practitioners claim that this energy can help to heal or alleviate physical, mental and spiritual aliments. The healer, is generally thought to be medium for the healing power that is coming from a higher power. Other forms of spiritual healing includes prayers and meditation healing, in which there is no healer involved, but the energy comes directly to the person asking for healing. Breathing consciously, that is, intake and exhale of air is form of meditation and provides immense energy and benefits, to the one who practices it. (If you want to know more about what this mediation is and how it is done plz. follow the link given, breathing meditation is the simplest form of mediation yet very powerful plz click here:  https://www.dreamfulllife.com/2019/09/power-of-breathing.html )

Lets continue with what makes spiritual healing so unique from modern medicine, it is that spiritual healing addresses not only body ailments, but also heals the mind and spirit as well, treating all these three human phenomenon as one cohesive unit. In fact, spiritual healing is based on premise that no one can be truly healed and be healthy, unless their mind, body and psyche are indeed operating in one sympathetic unit. One must address the mental and spiritual symptoms, before alleviating physical symptoms of illness or injury. Curing one without addressing the other will be futile and counter- productive, according to healers.

Many people claim that spiritual healing is a “New Age” phenomenon, but in reality that is not so. Most organized religious invoke some aspects of spiritual healing, though prayer, meditation or special intensions, and praying for the sick is a widely recognized and respected tradition.

There are many methods of spiritual healing. Some use a laying –on of hands to transfer healing energy; others anoint the sick with special oil; for others, special crystals seem to be the conduit through which healing occurs. There are as many methods as there are religious and spiritual interpretations, with ultimate goal of bringing healing and wellness in mind, spirit and body.

Spiritual healing takes many forms, including a self healing regime that has been used in many religions for centuries. And it is becoming increasingly popular outside of organized religion, too. In addition to prayer, people are turning to meditation, journaling and other introspection to connect with higher spiritual power. This connection enables healers to absorb the healing power, become aware of things they can do to help improve their own conditions, and ultimately take charge of their well being.

I conclude, my article saying, in addition to religious healing, there are several other recognized types of healing like Reiki, healing tough, and a range of other healing programs.

Thanks all readers

Love and Peace.    

Wednesday, September 2, 2020


"Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better." 

Success and Prosperity: Right Thought and A Right Attitude

Successful minds are of certain type of minds. It is true that they have ambition different from rest of the common people, different vision, and different driving power, different capacity for work, and a strong will. They never spare themselves, and, in addition, they seize each opportunity when it comes. But their principal cause of success is their type of thinking. They think is terms of success and achievement, abundance and prosperity. If we think consistently in terms of success and prosperity, then, sooner or later, we express these things to a greater or lesser degree in our life. In simple words, according to our ability, we achieve the greater success possible in our case. We cannot all be at the top of the tree, but we can for sure reach to the best possible position. Expect in the case of peculiar people who think they can do anything and everything, whereas they can do nothing properly, we can all accomplish much more than we could ever believe possible. There are abilities hidden within us that are undreamed of. Our capabilities seem to increase as our responsibilities grow greater.

Unsuccessful people are those who though sober and hard working and who want to get on,  and always sink to the bottom, no matter how much one may help them, and in spite of splendid opportunities put in their way. These people have one habit in common studies says they think in terms of penury and failure. Because of this, all their actions and decisions, unknown to themselves, are of such a kind as to bring about penurious conditions and failure. Men of equal abilities are not equally successful. People born at same time and place are not equally lucky.  One may have fixed idea of success and achievement which acts as a center around which his thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, ( https://www.dreamfulllife.com/2019/08/conscious-subconscious-mind-conscious.html ) revolve; while the other has a fixed idea or fear of failure, around which his thoughts continually turn. One is energized and inspired to successful achievement, while the other’s efforts are undermined and his energies sapped idea or fear of failure and ruin.

It may be true that one is born with a successful type of mind, while another may inherit a failure type, yet it does not necessarily follow that the latter must always remain a failure. His type of mind can be changed. By changing his thoughts he gradually transforms the fixed idea of failure into one of success. The attitude of the mind is changed and the thoughts are trained to flow in new directions. This, in time, changes the whole man, so that he rises like a cork in water, instead of sinking like a stone: he comes to what to him is the top of his profession, or calling, instead of gravitating to the bottom. He finds that there is plenty of room at the top, simple because few use their mind in the productive way.

Our thoughts should be not merely of success and achievement, but of service and helpfulness. We should not think so much of “what shall I get out of it”, as “how helpful can I be”, for all solid success is based upon the extent of our helpful to the community. The more helpful we are, the more indispensable we become, therefore, the greater the rewards, as a rule.

Apart from all this, the fact remains that thinking in terms of success and achievement, at the same time maintaining a consciousness of abundance and prosperity, tends to attract these things to us. The mind is creative to a degree undreamed of by most people, and our thoughts attract things to us after kind – opportunities for achievement and more abundant circumstances on the one hand, or failure and lack on the other.

The inner cause of successful achievement, then, is in the mind. Instead of allowing it to wander anywhere it pleases, we have to train it to think constructively. While others are spending their spare time foolishly we must, on the contrary, compel the mind to think positively in terms of achievement. We can hold an ideal in the mind continuously, around which the thought will revolve, naturally and easily. Constructive thinking such this compel us to work and strive while other people waste their time in pleasure. It is no hardship, however, but a great joy. Sooner or later, just when we are ready for it, opportunity comes our way, just as surely as the rising and setting of the sun. The law is infallible. When we are ready the opportunity appears.

In conclusion, success is liable to become our master and we its slave. Therefore, it is important that we choose the highest form of success, if we can. As a rule, however, we have no choice, because our ambition is, as it were, born to us. Positive thoughts are treasures that no money can buy.

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Love and Peace.



Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Natural and Supernatural realms


Two realms that exists NATURAL AND SUPERNATURAL

“I consider wisdom supernatural because it is not taught by men – it’s a gift from GOD.”

In continuation to the series of my article understanding GOD, in this article I will write about the two realms that exists NATURAL AND SUPERNATURAL REALM. In case readers have missed my previous article titled SUPERNATURAL POWER OF GOD https://www.dreamfulllife.com/2020/08/supernatural-power-of-god.html and WHO IS GOD? https://www.dreamfulllife.com/2020/08/who-is-god.html can click on given links and understand. Lets now brief out these two realms.

What is the natural realm? It is the dimension that operates above natural laws. It is the spiritual realm – permanent, invisible, and eternal – located outside of time. It exercises dominion over the natural realm. The spiritual realm can be accessed only by FAITH.

We do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

During the supernatural service miracles, healing, salvation's and transformations occurs. Manifestation of holy spirit occurs, including signs, wonders, unexpected cancellations of debts, financial miracles and much more.

Now, let us understand the invisible, eternal and omnipotent God, healing services are called upon at religious places and we people feel so fresh and peace full from within. We forgot our illness we experience supernatural power of God. Atmosphere of any religious place is so positive and we experience as if we are in unity with God, He not only surrounds us but is also within us.

Many time It happens with us all that, while we pray at home in peaceful place while offering our prayers we hear specific voice from within us, that’s god trying communicating from within, sometimes giving blessings and sometimes giving warnings. When we start listening and believing our intuitive voice we activate the supernatural power of God, and the miracles started to flow.

We all are powerful enough to heal our selves at any time and for any serious ailments only we need to activate our supernatural power from inside and it happens only at the will of GOD.

Throughout, we learn of a God who operates in a supernatural way, who dwells outside of time, who is able to interrupt time, space and matter if HE so desires. This is what we call a “Miracle.” Miracle can be defined as a “supernatural power or intervention of God that interrupts the normal course of the natural life.” When he removes HIS fingers, natural time resumes once again. Every day we urgently need God to interrupt our daily existence so that we can see and experience his divine manifestation and miracles. God has to stop anything at any time, just imagine will God will stop Sun to rotate, stop plants to provide oxygen, stop water to flow, stop clouds to form, stop seeds to germinate, stop the gravitational power of earth???????

There will be no day or night if sun stops, no life if production of oxygen stops, no rain without clouds, no food without germination, no grounding with no gravitational power.

Today science has answer why and how all these natural phenomenon occurs daily but don’t forgo this phenomenon is occurring from time immemorial. There is some power or force behind all these natural occurring and  that power is non others but that of GOD. We cannot limit GOD. He is supernatural and all – powerful. He has complete and total dominion over nature.

  Thanks all readers

Love and peace.

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