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The Law of Attraction

The Fundamental Law That Rules The Universe

There are laws that govern and arrange everything that happens. They are laws as obvious as that sowing seed will result in a specific tree or plant, and sowing another type of seed will result in different tree and plant. Everything is governed by Laws, nothing is by chance.
There are seven universal laws that give rise to all the other processes of manifestation, creation, operation and comprehension of the universe, which we also call evolution, cab be arranged according to the function that they fulfill, as follows:

1.    The Law of Love
2.    The Law of Manifestation
3.    The Law of Polarity
4.    The Law of Evolution
5.    The Law of Correspondence
6.    The Law of Harmony
7.    The Law of Nature.

The three superior laws are the Laws of creation. The superior law is the Law of Love, since behind every purpose and every event always lies the principle of Love.
Now how creation happens? First law is love contains a piece of information – example, an idea In the mind- and then this manifests through the law of polarity- example, with a board marker, which would be masculine principle, and a board, which would be feminine principle.
Everything here formed is creation. Two types of creations: those of god/ the absolute and those of human beings. The latter are also in the absolute, because nobody can create something from nothing, everything already exists as information, man participates in the creative capacity of god/ the absolute.
Creation happens when the masculine principle acts with feminine principle, and this interaction is governed by the Law of Polarity. The three elements : the masculine, the feminine and the information that joins them, are essential for creation to occur.
Love can only be expressed through a pure or innocent mind, never through a mind that contaminated with ideas of good and bad, blame, punishment. Therefore, the first thing we need to do for love to be expressed through us is to cleanse our mind of mistaken concepts.
Only eternal is perfect, the imperfect is always temporary.

In the universe nothing happens by chance, there is no good or bad luck, there are just laws that govern all that exists and all that happens. If we know these laws and learn to flow with them, we can transfer our lives.
The universe and all its processes are within the law, its functioning is perfect and absolutely nothing happens that is outside it, because there nothing is possible. Even whatever seems absurd or unacceptable to us is governed by exact laws that are specialized in managing apparent chaos and absurdity, for in the universe everything has a purpose and fulfils a specific function.
All universal processes are permanent, eternal, constant and immutable. Beings in the process of evolution that pass through them are what change, transform or mutate continuously, and this process is governed by specific laws of the universe.
There is no possibility of negotiating with the law, as there is with human rules, laws and concepts.
The law have basically two functions: the superior law govern creation, the inferior law are the sources of the understanding of creation.
How law operates
1.    Downward. It governs the manifestation and operation of the universe. There is a movement downwards to matter and manifestation and creation occur.
2.    Upwards. Then comes the process of recognizing the law and understanding the universe, which enables us to ascent upwards to the superior levels, transcending the limitations of matter and attaining freedom from innocence and form all the processes associated with ignorance, such as pain. Illness, suffering and death.
The three fundamental processes or principles in the universe: creation and the administration of creation, both are governed by the superior laws, and the pedagogy of creation, governed by the law of evolution.      
The superior law handles a greater level of information than the inferior laws, and this is the reason for the order of hierarchy. On the other side, the inferior laws handle a greater number of processes and complexity than the superior laws, and this is the reason for the density and lengthiness of the process of evolution.

How each of the seven laws operates.
Law of love :

 love is the source of everything that transpires and understanding it frees us from all events. When love is understood there is nothing more that can happen, because liberation from all the processes of evolution is reached, and matter is no longer necessary for experimenting with the law, because all of them have been understood, and also all experiences within the physical worlds have been transcended. However, even though it has reached its complete evolution, consciousness will continue in its dynamism in a mysterious way…
the creation of the universe is response to the absolute purpose for his/her children: that they be able to codify in their innocent consciousness all of the information of the universe and of the laws that govern it and in this way become one with him. The creator of the universe does this so that it fulfills the function of being his/her children’s school, taking the total information that exists in the absolute.
Everything that occurs in the universe occurs because of love.

Thanks all readers
Love and peace from the writer.
Will continue explaining other 6 laws in coming article.

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