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Positive Affirmations for Peaceful and Happiness in Life

Motive of this article is to guide you to attract more peace and happiness in life with positive affirmations. Affirmations can certainly help you change your life to good and also help to realize your wants, dreams and desires. Many people give credit to positive affirmations as one key to their success and stress free life. On the other hand many people say that affirmations don’t work but that’s because they don’t know how to use affirmations for success, happiness and manifestation of anything that you want.

To know how affirmations work and how they are used please read further and also ensure that they work for you…..

How an affirmation is given power for success:

I believe that we all are creators. I am convinced of this after many personal experiences and confirmed this to me beyond any doubt. This doesn’t mean because we are all creators so if we will think of money and get it in cash in hand. But we can certainly create wealth happiness and success in life.
Quantum physics has shown that our physical reality is actually not that “physical” and if you observe around close enough, everything is made up of energy. This energy responds to the observer to the nature of the beliefs and expectations of the observer. In simple words life that you want to live in future start observing it today thing as if you already have everything that once you said I would have all these things.
Researchers have learned that electrons exist in a fuzzy state of potential, and when you pay attention to something, it will assume a position based on your expectations and beliefs.  

Let’s see how we all can use this knowledge to achieve success and happiness:

We all can design our beliefs and expectations so that our subconscious minds create the life we want. If you will believe you are successful you will get success and if you feel confident you are more likely to actually be confident. (you can read about how subconscious mind works and understand @ link given : ) just remember our brain learn by repetition like any child. Allow your brain to be positively programmed by your experiences and environment, intelligently do your programming. One way or the other brain gets programmed and you form habit. Doing your programming yourself is not complicating as it sounds. We have ability to choose what we want to be and what we want in life and keys lies in one word “repetition”.
Repetition will convince your subconscious mind. Just like you can’t get zero figure going to gym for only 1 day you have to form a habit. Same way you can condition your mind.   

When you convince your mind you’re now more healthy, wealthy, confident you will experience all these aspects grow in your life.  

This looks like science fiction, but, this is what scientific experiments are telling us about our reality. There is not just one way to convince your mind there are many ways to convince your subconscious mind: imagination, affirmations, using body, generating emotions. But in this article we will focus on positive affirmations for success and happiness in life.
As already said may people say affirmations don’t work the only reason is they repeat them without emotions and feelings, like any music player. The goal is not to say affirmations as many times as you can, but, to deeply feel that the affirmation is true. In simple words the purpose is to imagine that what you are saying is currently reality, you have experience the reality within you, to feel the truth of your affirmations within your own right mind. It’s doesn’t matter what the world around you is telling you, you only have to stay positive and believe in your affirmation and feelings.
Affirmations create future from inside out. So, when you use affirmation, get yourself to really feel how to feel to have these things or experiences. Feel it now and disregard what the world around you tells you. The more your strength and clarify your inner vision.

You can create your own affirmation using positive words.

Lets now go through the positive list of affirmations that can be used to create reality that you desire in life:
1.      Thank you universe I am successful now.
2.      Thank you universe I am a magnet for success and happiness in life.
3.      Thank you universe love, health and success are attracted to me.
4.      Thank you universe I have unstoppable confidence in me.
5.      Thank you universe life just feels great all of the time.
6.      Thank you universe there is always a way if I am committed.
7.      Thank you universe I am so excited because all of my dreams are coming true.
8.      Thank you universe great things always seem to come my way.
9.      Thank you universe I am naturally happy person.
10.  Thank you universe I am a naturally confident person.
11.  Thank you universe I am always full of energy and life.
12.  Thank you universe I am a good person who deserve all success and happiness in life.
13.  Thank you universe I love myself for who I am.
14.  Thank you universe everything always works out for me.
15.  Thank you universe I am highly motivated and happy person.
16.  Thank you universe I am a center of positivity, joy and love.
17.  Thank you universe I am grateful for all the success in life.
18.  Thank you universe I use positive thinking to manifest a positive life.
19.  Thank you universe I find it easy to succeed at everything I do.
20.  Thank you universe I think big.
21.  Thank you universe I act fearlessly.
22.  Thank you universe the universe always provides for me.
23.  Thank you universe I have such an amazing life.
24.  Thank you universe I am so lucky, life is rigged in my favor.
25.  Thank you universe I live who I am and I love my life.
26.  Thank you universe my dreams and goals always come true.
27.  Thank you universe money wants me.
28.  Thank you universe I am surrounded by abundance in life.
29.  Thank you universe I find it easy to be optimistic.
30.  Thank you universe I have success in all areas of my life.

Thanks all readers
Love and peace from the author.

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