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Subconscious Mind and Behavior

Subconscious Mind and Behavior

“All the things that happen in our lives are tied to the subconscious. This is because it is, more than anything, the matrix of our repetitions”.

Impact of subconscious mind on our behavior.  Subconscious mind play vital role in how 
we behave and react. Many of the readers will say they have self control and they can control their behavior. But our actions remain under limited. Prior to taking actions or deciding on something, we do so using our conscious mind. Our lives are full with different actions and reactions at every time. These actions are not always result of our conscious decisions, hence our subconscious mind play vital role.
In simple words we have different attitude for different people in same group we are communicating with, our conscious mind does not always ping a message to change behavior or attitude with different members in same group, it happen automatically when in group. This is beyond your control. All actions controlled by subconscious mind are beyond human control. Heart beat gets faster automatically when we experience fear, body shiver automatically when we feel cold.
Study of subconscious mind and understanding of it can help improve our personal relationships and help us understand people better.

Now what is subconscious mind?

To understand it in simple words let’s consider an example when we first start using computer and start typing using keyboard. When we first learn to type, our focus is directed on each key of the keyboard. We concentrate on each and every alphabet that we type. We notice how pointer moves on the screen; we take into notice words with red and blue lines under and correct them first before typing further. As we become skilled, our subconscious mind record our actions and we start typing without making conscious efforts. We automatically avoid mistakes, now we focus more on screen than on keys while typing, we play music along side and do typing work with minimal corrections. As our proficiency increases our typing process becomes natural and our decisions are automatic.
Let’s perform one practical experiment to have more clear understanding and power of subconscious mind. Place your hands horizontally, with your palm facing up in front of you and imagine holding your favorite fruit. Your mouth will salivate as a response to the thought. Our subconscious mind know nothing about our fav fruit, it is your imagination. Subconscious mind know no logics and believes what the conscious mind think.  

Subconscious mind and what happens in it?

Our life’s journey represent many subconscious actions. Your smiling and laughing style never changes, people can very easily guess difference between fake and real smile, and these are all actions and functions of subconscious mind.
We gather knowledge along the way we move, we judge people around us and distinguish good or bad. Based purely on our biased knowledge because person bad for us is not bad for all and person good for us is not good for all.  We make decisions about others based on the way people look, talk and walk. When child met someone with grey eyes dull expressions angry mood, dirty clothes they form conclusion such people are bad.   
When such experiences are repeated, our beliefs support our subconscious thoughts. We remind ourselves about same experience in the past and form same bad conclusion for people with same looks expression and behavior. Our judgments are reinforced.

How Behavior is Driven by Subconscious Mind?

We do daily activities with our conscious mind, but actions depend on the subconscious mind. They are same and reflex actions in certain ways, but vary. Where Physical reflex actions are concerned, actions and disturbance in and around you arise, and before we realize, our body responds to the disturbance. Right after our reflex action, we know how our body responded. Same way when subconscious mind takes control conscious mind is unaware that you responded to the subconscious mind. Conscious mind is analytical and logical whereas subconscious mind is irrational. Our behavior is governed by the subconscious mind.

What effects subconscious mind has on our behavior:

There is list of items our subconscious mind deems you are “not ok” with. These items fall under two categories.
Things with which we are comfortable with and can say ,” it is not ok for me” or “I cannot do this”. We have no conscience about related to these things.
The second category relates to things we find are complex, perhaps people that hurt you. These includes hurt feelings concerning your short comings, thinking about your weaknesses while feeling ashamed to accept them. This handles our abnormal and unnatural behavior.
These relate to formed opinions of yourself “I am not ok” in your childhood. These thoughts are reinforced in your subconscious mind. These related to experiences we had and felt ashamed. You naturally want to forget these things since they invoke unpleasant memories. Conscious mind removes them but subconscious mind has them stored. These memories form subconscious pain points.
We all go through many experiences and incidents in life, but few incidents touch these pain points in subconscious mind and we respond sorely. When we experience such situations such pain points, we are overpowered and our response is without control. These could be same sensations we experienced when we went through an unpleasant incident as a child.
We can conclude the driven-ness of our behavior – you are driven to take actions and are powerless in these circumstances. You might not prefer to be under control, yet you function with your subconscious mind driven you to.

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Thursday, October 10, 2019


Positive Affirmations for Peaceful and Happiness in Life

Motive of this article is to guide you to attract more peace and happiness in life with positive affirmations. Affirmations can certainly help you change your life to good and also help to realize your wants, dreams and desires. Many people give credit to positive affirmations as one key to their success and stress free life. On the other hand many people say that affirmations don’t work but that’s because they don’t know how to use affirmations for success, happiness and manifestation of anything that you want.

To know how affirmations work and how they are used please read further and also ensure that they work for you…..

How an affirmation is given power for success:

I believe that we all are creators. I am convinced of this after many personal experiences and confirmed this to me beyond any doubt. This doesn’t mean because we are all creators so if we will think of money and get it in cash in hand. But we can certainly create wealth happiness and success in life.
Quantum physics has shown that our physical reality is actually not that “physical” and if you observe around close enough, everything is made up of energy. This energy responds to the observer to the nature of the beliefs and expectations of the observer. In simple words life that you want to live in future start observing it today thing as if you already have everything that once you said I would have all these things.
Researchers have learned that electrons exist in a fuzzy state of potential, and when you pay attention to something, it will assume a position based on your expectations and beliefs.  

Let’s see how we all can use this knowledge to achieve success and happiness:

We all can design our beliefs and expectations so that our subconscious minds create the life we want. If you will believe you are successful you will get success and if you feel confident you are more likely to actually be confident. (you can read about how subconscious mind works and understand @ link given : https://www.dreamfulllife.com/2019/08/conscious-subconscious-mind-conscious.html ) just remember our brain learn by repetition like any child. Allow your brain to be positively programmed by your experiences and environment, intelligently do your programming. One way or the other brain gets programmed and you form habit. Doing your programming yourself is not complicating as it sounds. We have ability to choose what we want to be and what we want in life and keys lies in one word “repetition”.
Repetition will convince your subconscious mind. Just like you can’t get zero figure going to gym for only 1 day you have to form a habit. Same way you can condition your mind.   

When you convince your mind you’re now more healthy, wealthy, confident you will experience all these aspects grow in your life.  

This looks like science fiction, but, this is what scientific experiments are telling us about our reality. There is not just one way to convince your mind there are many ways to convince your subconscious mind: imagination, affirmations, using body, generating emotions. But in this article we will focus on positive affirmations for success and happiness in life.
As already said may people say affirmations don’t work the only reason is they repeat them without emotions and feelings, like any music player. The goal is not to say affirmations as many times as you can, but, to deeply feel that the affirmation is true. In simple words the purpose is to imagine that what you are saying is currently reality, you have experience the reality within you, to feel the truth of your affirmations within your own right mind. It’s doesn’t matter what the world around you is telling you, you only have to stay positive and believe in your affirmation and feelings.
Affirmations create future from inside out. So, when you use affirmation, get yourself to really feel how to feel to have these things or experiences. Feel it now and disregard what the world around you tells you. The more your strength and clarify your inner vision.

You can create your own affirmation using positive words.

Lets now go through the positive list of affirmations that can be used to create reality that you desire in life:
1.      Thank you universe I am successful now.
2.      Thank you universe I am a magnet for success and happiness in life.
3.      Thank you universe love, health and success are attracted to me.
4.      Thank you universe I have unstoppable confidence in me.
5.      Thank you universe life just feels great all of the time.
6.      Thank you universe there is always a way if I am committed.
7.      Thank you universe I am so excited because all of my dreams are coming true.
8.      Thank you universe great things always seem to come my way.
9.      Thank you universe I am naturally happy person.
10.  Thank you universe I am a naturally confident person.
11.  Thank you universe I am always full of energy and life.
12.  Thank you universe I am a good person who deserve all success and happiness in life.
13.  Thank you universe I love myself for who I am.
14.  Thank you universe everything always works out for me.
15.  Thank you universe I am highly motivated and happy person.
16.  Thank you universe I am a center of positivity, joy and love.
17.  Thank you universe I am grateful for all the success in life.
18.  Thank you universe I use positive thinking to manifest a positive life.
19.  Thank you universe I find it easy to succeed at everything I do.
20.  Thank you universe I think big.
21.  Thank you universe I act fearlessly.
22.  Thank you universe the universe always provides for me.
23.  Thank you universe I have such an amazing life.
24.  Thank you universe I am so lucky, life is rigged in my favor.
25.  Thank you universe I live who I am and I love my life.
26.  Thank you universe my dreams and goals always come true.
27.  Thank you universe money wants me.
28.  Thank you universe I am surrounded by abundance in life.
29.  Thank you universe I find it easy to be optimistic.
30.  Thank you universe I have success in all areas of my life.

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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Love Affirmations

Unique Affirmations for love

Change what’s happening inside you, your experience in love changes, too. All those who want to attract and enrich love in life, powerful affirmations will manifest love in all aspects of your life. If your searching for the best love quotes that capture what you’d like to say or want to feel inspired yourself, search through this amazing collection of the most romantic quotes, inspiring affirmations for women, men.

1.      Thank you universe all my relationships are long term and offer a positive, loving experience.
2.      Thank you universe love follows me everywhere I go.
3.      Thank you universe I am surrounded by love and everything is fine.
4.      Thank you universe I am surrounded by love every day in every way.
5.      Thank you universe I am so happy and grateful that I am in a positive and loving relationship with my soul mate.
6.      Thank you   universe because I deserve to be loved and be treated with respect.
7.      Thank you universe I am unique, special and loving human being, attracting pleasant and kind people in my life.
8.      Thank you universe I open my self to beauty, joy and harmony and enjoy it.
9.      Thank you universe I am worthy to love and deserve to receive love in abundance.
10.  Thank you universe my heart is always open to love.
11.  Thank you universe my heart is always open and radiate love.
12.  Thank you universe in my life I always get what is give and always give love.
13.  Thank you universe for the love in my life and I am thankful for my caring partner.
14.  Thank you universe I love myself completely.
15.  Thank you universe I am deeply grateful for all the people I love and for all the people who love me.
16.  Thank you universe I see everything with loving eyes and I love everything I see.
17.  Thank you universe I love those around me and I love myself.
18.  Thank you universe others show me love.
19.  Thank you universe I know my soul mate is out there.
20.  Thank you universe all my relationships are long lasting and loving.
21.  Thank you universe I attract love in abundance.
22.  Thank you universe I allow myself to be seen and for other people to know who I am.
23.  Thank you universe attracting love begins with self love.
24.  Thank you universe everyday everywhere I go, and in everything I do, love is in and around me.
25.  Thank you universe I deserve love and I get it in abundance.
26.  Thank you universe I attract only loving and caring people in my life.
27.  Thank you universe I am attracting my soul mate.
28.  Thank you universe everywhere I go, I find love.
29.  Thank you universe life is joyous.
30.  Thank you universe I am worthy of deep soulful, soul mate love.
31.  Thank you universe I attract only loving and committed people in life.
32.  Thank you universe I attract love in everything that I do.
33.  Thank you universe my partner and I are both happy and in love. Our relationship is joyous.
34.  Thank you universe I have the power to give love endlessly.
35.  Thank you universe love shines from within me.
36.  Thank you universe I spread love to everyone around me and it returns to me in abundance.
37.  Thank you universe I attract healthy, loving and respectful relationships.
38.  Thank you universe that love that I feel for my family and myself cannot be described with words.
39.  Thank you universe I attract relationships to me that are for the highest good of all.
40.  Thank you universe I naturally attract love everywhere I go.
41.  Thank you universe I spread love with my words, deeds, and life.
42.  Thank you universe I am so happy and grateful  that I am attracting my soul mate now.
43.  Thank you universe I am grateful for the connection with my soul mate.
44.  Thank you universe my soul mate loves me very much for what I am eternally happy and deeply grateful.
45.  Thank you universe in life, I always get what I give out and I always give out love.
46.  Thank you universe I accept that I am infinitely loved.
47.  Thank you universe I welcome love with open arms.
48.  Thank you universe I encounter love in all my relationships and I love these encounters.
49.  Thank you universe I am attuned to the frequency of love and abundance.
50.  Thank you universe I am magnetic and irresistible to an positive and loving relationship.

Why is love important:

Love is universal phenomenon. Everyone in life experience love but their attitude and experience of love differs. It is a strong positive emotion of affection and attachment. It is a feeling of intimacy and care for someone. People in life seek love. Everyone wants to feel and be cared of. When you find a person who really cares for you, is honest and loyal gives you happiness then you automatically get attached to that person. The feeling that he or she gives you is special and you don’t want it to fade away which in turn keeps people together in a relationships. Love is life, love is motive of life, give and get love. Us these affirmations to attract best love partner into to life.

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Cosmic Energizer and Flow of Wealth

Wealth may be looked upon as possessing all the desired food, clothing, energy, vitality, creative ideas, inspirations, money and all the comforts of life. By tuning in regularly and systematically with Cosmic Energizer within, you can draw from that inexhaustible storehouse everything you need at all times everywhere.

The master key to money circulating in life:

If you want to have all the money you need, think of what you would do with it, how you would use that money, dwell mentally on all the constructive ways to utilize that money. Conduct an inner conversation with yourself on the wise use of money, while claiming that you already have that money with you.

Carry a picture in your mind using that money wisely like, doing graduation, starting new venture, marring beautiful girl/smart boy, travelling different parts of the world, imagine your family enjoying all the luxuries of life your parents you and your wife/husband and your kids. Master secret is inner speech- your silent conversation with yourself. When your inner speech agrees with your aim, such as money, you will receive answers and get results. Your inner speeches your subconscious mind makes it 
happen any way it can.

Having all the money you need is your right:

We all are here to lead a full and happy life. We should have all the money we need to do whatever we want to do. Many people avoid using the term ‘money’ in their conversation; they speak of ‘supply’ and ‘abundance’. Although what they mean is money. This makes no sense in real, realize money is good and very good. Its Gods way of manifesting the economic health of the nation.

We all are here to expand spiritually, mentally, financially and in all other ways. We should surround ourselves with beauty, luxury and all the good things available. Money only means freedom from wants. It means everything and beautiful life. Money has taken many forms through the ages, consisting of objects like salt, cattle, sheep, beads and trinkets of various kinds. In ancient times man’s wealth was determined by the number of sheep, goats and other animals he possessed. Whatever form money takes, we will always have plenty by using law of mind in the right way.

Creating a steady flow of money:

Steady flow of money can be created by habitual thinking formed definite paths and tracks in subconscious mind and that you could have all the money you need, if you direct your mind and inner speech correctly.

You might ask how you would think, speak and act as if you already had the money you are seeking. Buy big house, marry beautiful girl and take trip around the world. Here I would suggest point these desires in inner speech and make inner conversation like: “I have a beautiful home. It is wonderful. I am on a trip around the world. I have my BMW car.”(Modify as you want) Make this your regular inner conversation. Never deny what you inwardly affirmed. All these things will come to you. Be clear in your thoughts what you want to possess, since all transactions take place in subconscious mind first.

Keep you eye on your goal and objective, realizing and knowing that your inner speech or inner conversation must manifest on the screen of space. You must establish the mental equivalent of everything you want in your real life. Think of things that you want of your interest. Thoughts will induce emotions and when repeated impressed in your subconscious and must come to pass. This is law of mind. Just be sure that you do not subsequently deny what you affirm by saying something like, “I can’t make ends meet” “I can’t pay the rent” or “I can’t afford luxury car”. Never use the word can’t under any circumstances, as your subconscious mind takes you literally and blocks the flow of your good.

Why you may not get response from subconscious mind:

The Cosmic Energizer is available to all. Its nature is to response according to the nature of request. If you will pray for ‘supply’ by which you actually mean “money” but you didn’t use the word money. You won’t manifest your desire. You had a habit of calling money “filthy lucre.” What we condemn takes wings and flies away, and actually you are condemning what you are praying for, which made no sense. Be precise to what you want and wish for the same don’t use other names where you means something else you want money talk about money be clear.

You can use this affirmation “I know and believe that money is good and very good. God pronounced everything good and very good. By day and night I am advancing, growing and expanding along all lines, I use money wisely”.

Money will flow when your conscious and subconscious mind agrees:

If you will pray for prosperity, greater income and better sales, in other words, you want money more to accomplish what you want to do, but you get no results. You may become poorer. Ten times the expansion is the cure for prosperous life. Make this affirmation part of your daily prayer “I am wealthy, I am prosperous, money flows to me freely, I am successful.” You will realize that the answer is to get your conscious and subconscious mind agree, then there would be no contradiction. The subconscious accepts what we really, consciously believe, our convictions and dominant feelings. Engage a cooperation of subconscious mind by affirming’ “every day my business and growing, sales are getting better, more customers come in everyday, my life is better now”.  Such statement will create no confusion in mind.

Open your mind and heart to the influx of God’s Riches:

To walk the royal road to riches of all kind – spiritual, material, and financial- you must never place obstacles and impediments in the oath of others; neither must you be jealous, envious or resentful of others. Remember, your thoughts are creative and whatever you think about another you are creating in your life and experience.

When you will change your attitude and sincerely rejoice in the success, promotion, wealth and riches of others, they prosper beyond their fondest dreams. This is based on an age old truth taught by the ancient thousands of years ago: the ship that conies home to my brother conies homes to me.

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