In continuation to the pervious article “POSTIVITE AFFIRMATIONS” this article will state ways of expressing affirmations. Readers can click on the link in case missed reading previous article  .

Point 1. Imagine what exactly you want:

This is very important. It’s important to decide what exactly you are in need of. Not something that someone else might have suggested you to have, what is crucial is what you want for yourself, with no doubts and comparisons with others or your own present situations, if your wish is useless, continue to think until you are sure about what you exactly want. Then only the phrasing of affirmations will be more impressive.

You can imagine your worse situation and desire of something that you really want should happen in your life. For instance one of you dearest friend is ignoring you and is not taking into account what you feel about him /her. You can then define easily what it is and write down the opposite, something you really want.
You can aim as much high as you can, but make it realistic, not something which is impossible to realize.  In general you can decide very well whether what you are wishing is useful or vague, it should be something for personal development and not harming others. And do not limit your wish for any area, you can wish for any part of the living world. Don’t be afraid of wishing for something situated in material world.

Next do not talk about your wish with other until you are sure that, that person will not give negative views over your wish / desire, talk with only with the one who has very positive attitude for you and your success and personal development. 

Wish is also many times used to come out of certain worse situation, and desire to move on with faith that things will be fine soon is important. Many times wishes also hide lack of love. And it is very important for you to think thoroughly about this phrase. Imagine that you have achieved your wish, have you got smile on your face only after thought of achieving your wish? Are you feeling good? Is it something that you really wanted? Answer to the above questions should be only “YES”.  In case you answered over any question in “NO” thing over your wish again and try to answer same question. Take yourself into the real world where you have achieved your goal and imagine how you are feeling, feel the fresh air and new environment you find yourself in.

Ask for something that is specific: if you wish to have more wealth / money don’t wish for job that will pay you more be clear how much money you want and by what time do not wish to be milliner overnight because in order to be you have to give yourself time and work on ideas that will make you milliner, make it realistic. Your wish will be materialized.

Point 2.    Does not focus on what others want just forget :

While phrasing your wish just concentrate on what you want how things will work, when your wish is fulfilled. Do not take wish of any other person into account while thinking about your wish.  Just think how its important and beneficial for you, but the pivotal point to be taken into account while phrasing your wish is, your wish should not harm any other person. If you want law of attraction and positive thinking should work for you, be positive always not only about yourself but others also. Each reader know for certain what can be harmful for others.

Point 3. Delete everything that does not feel right:

Many times when thinking and writing down about your wish to form affirmation, it may happen that you write something down which goes against your feelings. Under such conditions don’t force yourself to believe in what you have written just delete that.  Feeling are good standard to determine whether  wish is good or not for you and others. Reasoning is many times not enough, because you need to link it to the feelings. So just feel happy about what you have written for your wish. So happy that you glow with happiness. When this is the situation then everything is alright.

Feeling not only help in framing very positive and effective affirmation but also are very good standard to measure the energy of an affirmation.  When wish to be pretty, use the affirmation : “I am now pretty”  while looking happy in the mirror then the energy releasing from the affirmation will very high, on the other hand when you will repeat same affirmation while looking in the mirror and unhappy energy realizing from the affirmation will be very low. This is because your conviction conquers.

It is therefore, very important to redirect yourself when you are feeling down and unhappy. Either by deleting what makes you unhappy or by eliminating negative mental attitude.  

Point 4.  Do not doubt:

While phrasing and writing affirmation many times it will happen that you are expressing your wish, and at the same moment you have doubt growing up:
Do I really deserve this?
Will this happen to me?
Do I have enough talent to achieve my goal?
I do not have enough time or money?
Will I have this or that?

And list is very long. Thoughts occurring when phrasing affirmation on you wish are somewhere connected to the ways you see things may happen. Without being aware about it. They actually show you the points you need to work on. These inner resistances are good to learn about the ways you feel about yourself. Deleting and leaving behind these are more important than materializing your wish. They show you what you actually need to clean on the ways of developing your wish. Because your wish is a part of you. It is guide to the more complete and fulfilled person you can become.

How you can clean up? Writing affirmation expressing opposite to you inner self should be avoided. For instance you doubt you deserve well paid job, write “I deserve job that pay me X amount,”. In order to achieve your wish select words while framing affirmation that will make to feel good and at the highest level of frequency and releasing highest energy into the universe. Many times it will happen that, certain circumstances will put your affirmation to the test, suppose to make affirmation for more inner peace. In that way the affirmation may be refined. What is important is being able to imagine what hampers your affirmation. It is also fact that the more skilled you become in this process, the deeper and quicker one is “put to the test”.

Thanks all readers

Love and peace from Author.