Monday, September 30, 2019

Understand Who You Are?

Understand who you are?

In order to take control of your life, it’s important to gain understanding of “who you are”? Our self image, which is picture of ourselves that we hold in our mind. All that we do, our actions, feelings, our behavior and our abilities, are consistent with this picture formed in mind. We act as a kind of person we think we are. What we need to know is that as long as we hold onto that picture, no amount of willpower, determination or commitment will cause us to be any other way, because we will always act as we see ourselves.

Mental Blueprint:

We collect hundreds and thousands of ideas about ourselves as being good or bad, wise or stupid, confident or fearful and so on. These all false identities harden into our self- image. This self created self image either allows us to be happy and successful or suffer failure and be sad. Within us is a mental blueprint. Its picture of the way that we think we are. But, this blueprint in not who we are, but who we think we are.

The circumstances that formed our self image may have been totally different, but as far as we are concerned they are true. We most of the time can’t even consciously recall how or from where we obtained this false information.

The Ages and The Secret

The secret of ages, the one most incredible truth that very few realize, is that at the being level, which we will call our Higher Self, we are spiritually whole, and perfect. Just as a drop of water has all the qualities of the ocean, same way we all have all the qualities of the Creator within us.

Each religion, science and philosophy teaches that there is only ONE POWER in the universe, and we are with the Power. You and I are individualized expressions of all the Power of the universe. This is Higher Self. Higher Self can never be destroyed within us. We can only deny that it’s there, we can try to hide from it and lie about it, but we cannot change the fact that it’s we who we are. We all only need to recognize “who we are” and learn how to channel it through right thoughts.

We all must understand the difference between who we are and what actually we do. We are spiritually perfect and what we do is not perfect. The gap between two is created through our ignorance.  Let’s do one exercise right now. Just say to yourself. “I know that I am spiritually perfect.” Now listen to the little voice in your head. It must be saying ‘no I am not’. The affirmation of perfection threatens your ego. Ego immediately sends back the response, ”what do you mean you’re perfect? Come on take a good look at yourself. You’re always complaining, how about the way you treat yourself and others around, your mother, father, boss, colleagues and so on.

Your Ego is Actually Tricking you.

You can see your ego does not want you to look good at yourself. It want you to recall all the bad behavior and notions you have for other, recall all bad that you have done in the past. It wants to identify with your actions and feel guilty. You must recognize that your ego is trying to trick you. This not the truth about you.

The only way out of this is affirm your own perfection. Do not forget the first and most essential step in changing your life, no matter what you want to be, do or have, is to recognize your inner self as perfect, based upon the truth about you, that you are spiritually whole and complete.

Balancing your Ego:

There are many ways to balance your ego and the most important is love yourself without limits. Loving yourself will not blot your ego. It will actually neutralizes your ego, because ego isn’t about loving yourself.  We all need to understand that life is consciousness. This means that what we assume to be true will become real for you. Whatever we are conscious of, we will experience. We will experience in life what we all are deeply convinced is so. If your thoughts says your worthless your conscious will let you experience situations where you will find yourself worthless and if your thoughts will say I am the best among all and I deserve all the happiness you will experience such situations in life.    

The bottom line is this: if we all cannot accept ourselves, that we’re worthy and deserving, then we cannot accept that other people are worthy and deserving, and will therefore be in judgment of them.

Solution to this is only love yourself unconditionally. This is only the way that can ever be free. We must totally accept ourselves first and then others.

Never Reject Yourself

It’s very important to look at the personality that you’ve created. One reason you keep yourself from doing this is because you’ve been an imitator. It’s important to understand that nobody can create a self from scratch. Everyone has to do the same thing. We all choose from what is available. And we all must have built our personality through imitations. No one must have put together the same combination. For instance: There are only twelve notes in the musical scale, but hundreds and thousands of unique and beautiful combinations. It’s all about how they are put together.

Self Acceptance Means Beginning of Freedom

We all have allowed our ego to dominate us and let us believe that we are incompetent, insecure, stupid, bad, evil, unworthy and so on. All of this can be summed up as poor self esteem or poor self image. Until we make a conscious decision to change our thought patterns, we will continue to have poor self esteem. Just accept yourself, to love who you are to be yourself. Only when you begin to love yourself you begin to love others. People often say forgot about yourself and love others first, care for others first, but it don’t work that way. The truth is you must first love yourself, first change yourself, only than you can step in to change others. Motivation begins from inside not from reading books and articles of great writers. How you treat yourself will create your behavior and this behavior creates your environment or your end results.   

Remember you will always be a failure in someone’s eyes. You will never win everyone over, sometimes not even a majority. You simply can’t please anyone, so learn to please yourself and enjoy who you are.

Thanks all readers.

 Love and Peace from the author.

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