Truth Of your Life

Truth of Your Life

Law of Attraction works for all; you can change your life just by your thoughts, and keeping thoughts RIGHT. But when life is not working the way you want it to, that is because somewhere inside you, you have accepted false beliefs that keep you from being all that you want. 90 to 95% population of this planet feel stuck. Actually when we see people around us suffering, and we give double thoughts do this “law of attraction” really works, why are these people suffering when we all can change our fortune by keeping thoughts right. These people must have never had thoughts that may lead those suffering miseries of life.

Do we really look within for answer to the confusion? Do we really know what rules of this life are? So the answer for all who are suffering, are suffering in ignorance of ourselves and of life, we fight for what we want, many times it ends up not working and letting us suffer and live stressed life.

Don’t forget this life is a game. Some people play this game of fortune. Some people play this game of misery. Some people play this game of being always right. Some people play this for always being late, for happiness, for abundance, for thankfulness and list is long. All this means all individuals are playing game that he or she sets up, and yes no one is better than another player.

Let’s understand this with simple example, when someone plays this life game of being weak, others will have to love him/her, protect from all evils, take care off. Indeed this is the ultimate way of getting attention. When you play this life game having confused state of mind, and let others decide for you, then you protect yourself from being blamed for all wrong that may happen. From this example I can say the power of “powerless” people is remarkable. They are actually very good at making others play the part they have actually written.

I read in one book about playoffs: look at the value you are getting out of playoff. An example given was being sick. Look at the value you get out of being sick. You may say this is cruel and insensitive. And you don’t know what you have been through. Ni it is not cruel. In-fact it’s crueler to deny it. What you are really saying here is your disease has more power than you do to decide your destiny. Here is who is giving the illness such power.

What is illness it’s body’s reaction to your mind. And your body is feedback mechanism of your mind, it will always let you know what is going on in your conscious mind, and at emotional level. Talk more about your suffering you will suffer more, talk more about your abundant life you will get abundance in life at every step of your life. We can happily spend thousands of dollars on medical treatment and this is very much ok for the society we are living in, what about having thoughts of spending half this amount on fun and joy in life. Society gets jealous. Why bother about what other person will think and do what will satisfy you and your inner subconscious. People would think you are crazy, and they might resent you. For this society we are living in, having pleasure is abnormal, but having pain is normal.

We all wait for moment in our life, we wait for being healthy, to be alive, to be wealthy, to start new venture, to fall in love, to communicate, to interact, to clear blocks in relationships, this waiting is trap. We wait for good time to come, and forget same time will repeat again, only our action can change this worse time into best and end this waiting trap we all are living in. Never wait for others, for giving you happiness be reason for your happiness. Never let any other person control your life be controller of your life. Never think other person is always, other person is always right but only for himself or herself but never you. You can only be right person for you. No one knows you better than you.

Change is possible but only form inside. The only way this world can be healed is healing ourselves first. We all need to remind ourselves of who we are and what we are capable of. We all have to take responsibility of what is happening to us. Through the law of attraction, we always attract consciously or unconsciously, thoughts you are having in your mind while reading this articles are also attracting something in your life, you know better your thoughts are positive, negative or right at this moment. Don’t forget if anyone has done something to us, we have participated in it, and are at same level and equally responsible. In this world there are no victims, only volunteers, hard pill to digest though, but till the time we accept this we cannot change things for the better.

Because you’re unlimited power is in you and your abilities to have control over your thoughts. Your state of mind will take you to the directions of your thoughts. Because this life is consciousness, the most important task we have is the development of the highest possible consciousness. We can do this by changing our thought and challenging our beliefs, we all most let go of anything that is between what we believe and what we want. Listen to your intuition, it will tell you what you want because your heart exactly know what you want. Mind can sell you our but intuitions can never. Intuitions are strong connection between you and the ultimate power of subconscious mind in you. People can control you through mind but can never control you through intuitions. Think about all the things you have lost by not following your intuitions, we have already lost a lot because we imagine we will lose something by following our intuition or inner voice. Your intuitions tell you all that what you want o hear.

This life of yours is important. it’s important to you, and equally important to the rest of the people on this planet. I believe that every person on this planet arrived here with a mission. If you will listen to your intuition your purpose or your mission will be revealed to you.

Thanks all readers

Love and Peace from the author.