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Right Thinking

Starting point of any change in life begins with thinking. Now is that what you are thinking right or wrong is important to understand. You all possibly now what positive thinking and negative thinking is, how it can change your life. All the readers who have missed reading article written by me on “POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE” can find link here:

Think of a situation when you sit in car, you want to drive it as best as you can but for the first time you know nothing about driving. You have no knowledge about driving, gears, breaks, music system, how to reverse ect. They driver eventually gets fed up when could not find balance, he finds no pleasure and no enjoyment of driving experience, and then he decides to go driving school. The teacher says,” driving is easy and everybody should master this skill, but you need to understand and master few driving skills” an example of right thinking, positive thinking was when you had thought of driving without learning.

Each one of us is capable of driving but we need training and instructor who can make us learn driving, likewise each one of us has ability to play the life game with balance, happiness and with enjoyment, but we need to know few rules and driving forces.

Our life works on our principles and physical law. If this was not the fact of life than any one among us was capable to fly an airplane, because there would be no gravity, there would be nothing like electricity, no mathematical problems etc.

Universal laws are dependable.

Universal laws are dependable and unchangeable. Anyone can depend on it, and it will work every time. Like law of gravity anything thrown in the air will come down no matter who is throwing it, rich or poor, child or master. Fact is universe will never let you down. The power, the force, and the energy of universe for all is neutral and we direct this energy through our own thoughts and beliefs.

*    Your each spoken word is law:  
    Whatever we are saying, each word spoken is the law in the universe. But we all should know these laws. Without understanding and in ignorance, we cannot create what we want. This fundamental is confirmed in the law of Cause and Effect. Cause and Effect states that the ultimate result of any situation must be equal to the cause. The cause is always a belief.

The law of cause and effect is not personal, just like sun shines for all, stars blink and beautify sky for all. When standing in sun we receive warmth and healing benefits of sun’s rays. On the other hand when decide to stand in shade it’s like sun is not shining on you. Who actually thought of moving in the shade? Who moved you into the darkness? Answer is our ignorance that sun can heal us and give warmth, and our thoughts.

The problem is problem of ignorance. Any universal law is impersonal same is law of cause and effect but people are ignorant about this law. This can be one of the reasons when we see good people have many problems in their lives. Somewhere such people must have used this law wrong, misunderstood, or misused. It doesn’t mean that person is bad and not loving. It only means because of his or her ignorance law was used wrong or misused.

 I will not be wrong if I will compare this universe with river that always flows. The river will keep on flowing and will not care whether you are happy or sad, good or bad, young or adult, sitting on the bank, it will just keep flowing. Same is with this universe. The universe that we live in can support or destroy us. This universe will work for us based on our thinking. Think wise, wise will come back, think worse, worse will happen. The universe is listening each one of us. Our each thought has effect.

We are only receiving what our mind is capable of accepting. Half filled glass with water has different interpretations for different people, for few its half full and for few its half empty. People with positive mental attitude will see it half full and be hopeful on the other hand people with negative mental attitude will see it half empty and no hope. In the law of attraction and the universal law some may demand of normal car and some other may demand for hybrid SUV luxury car. The abundance of the universe is always there and waiting. Our consciousness, our ideas, our belief system determine whether we go to the universe of life with positive mental attitude or negative mental attitude or RIGHT MENTAL ATTITUDE.

We only have to change our belief system and ways of thinking and releasing energy into the universe. We actually focus more on what we do not have than being thankful for what we already have. Be grateful for the things you already have wait for the magic to happen in your life. Being grateful is always better and positive than asking.

*    How beliefs become limitations:

Everything that happens in our life/ every experience led us to believe certain things about ourselves. Whether those beliefs are right or wrong actually doesn’t matter because if we have accepted them true they are true for us, those beliefs can be wrong for others. When we repeat words long enough, it becomes law of universe. Repeat your worries very carefully, because universe is listening and always reacting, be careful what you are repeating and focusing on. Because, once you have accepted an idea, it’s an idea whose time has come and there is nothing that can stop it. Now it’s on you if you have selected an idea of luck or limitation. If you plant a seed, it will grow. If that seed is of potato you will not get tomato from it. Potato seed will not change its mind and start giving you tomato’s. Same is the law of universe that works on your thoughts negative or positive or right thoughts.

In my concluding lines I will say many of the things that we believe and garnered from past experiences, group of people and individuals – are not true, but they are the things that we have imagined to be true out of our selfishness to survive. Will to survive and desire to certainty are strong, we create rules the nature of life and how it unfolds, and these rules become beliefs. Unfortunately manytimes those beliefs become out limitations and stop us from thinking what is right.

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Love and peace from author.