THE UNIVERSEAL LAW: The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is like other natural laws, operates with mathematical exactitude.  It works for all, its impersonal and impartial, that means it will work when you want it to work and when you don’t want it to work. This law has nothing to do with the personality, religion, good or bad, rich or poor or anything else. We all live within this law no one is beyond. This law is as real as Law of Gravity.

Before Law of Gravity was identified we know nothing about this law but still everybody was still affected by it. Same is the case with Law of Attraction. Most of the population is unaware of the working and principal of its work but still everyone is affected by it. You also don’t need to know the mechanics how Law of Gravity works to keep yourself from floating into the space, same way you also don’t need to know the mechanics of LAW OF ATTRACTION, how it works and functions in your life.

After reading this article you will realize that everything you experience in your life is invited, attracted and created by you. There are no exceptions to this law and its applicability. You may feel unhappy and it may be a bad news if your life is not going the way you want it to. Most of us are not happy with what we have created in our lives.

Your mind will attract whatever is familiar to itself. The positive attract and experience positive circumstances and negative mind attracts and experience much of worse. A confused mind attracts more confusion and the abundant mind attracts more abundance.

Subconscious mind play crucial role in our thought patterns that control our lives.
The most important function of subconscious mind is to follow the instruction of the conscious mind.  In-fact the job of the subconscious mind is to prove the conscious mind is always right. So, if you consciously believe that you can’t do or have something, the conscious mind will create the circumstance and find the people to prove that you are right. Subconscious mind works just like any automatic machine; it will follow its recorded instructions and function until you manually override the controls. Subconscious mind doesn’t change reality of the world around anyone. Everything is already there in the universe all you need is just direct your subconscious mind and direct towards and make it realize that you deserve what you want. Likewise your desired job is already there in the job market but the reason you are not yet appointed is you think more over why you haven’t got that job and call the person appointed on that job to be lucky. Call yourself lucky and believe that till date you are gaining experience and making yourself capable for your desired job, change your thoughts from negative to right, Imagine yourself working on the job feel the change, enjoy new atmosphere, new energy and pleasure of doing that job in your imagination, soon you will find yourself appointed on the job.

“I am so happy and grateful for the new Dream Job that I have found.

You can use above affirmation, how affirmations are used and things are manifested you can read my article( ) affirmation and discipline for better understanding. Subconscious mind support your beliefs and the picture that you hold in your mind. Your subconscious mind cannot think for itself just remember. It will bring to you all that things that are consistent with your deepest inner beliefs.

We often call our self powerless and find someone else outside to fulfill our desires. But when we come to the understanding  that everything that we want is created in our mind, through the use of right thinking, which is simple clear thinking we come to realize that we can only give our self what we want. You can find article on “Right Thinking” @ the link given. 

Trust Your Creative Power

You have to trust the creative power inside you to create what you want. This power can create good and worse whatever you want. Think about someone being superior to you, you will find yourself inferior all the times you face that superior man in your mind. Call yourself superior and best over all others all around, your subconscious mind will attract people how believe in your superiority.  Think of something you can do you can choose even the difficult task to test your power trust me you will come up with the ideas of completing that task it may take some time but eventually you will achieve your goal.  Don’t forget the effect will always be equal to the cause. If your life is successful, it means that the power supports you in your success. It all comes out of our ideas.

Power is Directed by Thoughts

As I already said our ideas are created into results. In simple words it is done as you believe, not that you want, having believe of achieving is must. There is vast difference between both want and believe. When we think, universe around moves. That means you put idea out into the universe, places and things come into your life to fulfill that idea. Everything that you see today around you was once in thoughts of others, the house you live in was in your thoughts how your house will look like, the chair you are sitting and reading this article was once in the thoughts of carpenter, the mobile , tab or the computer you are using its design was once in thoughts of manufacturers. Everything around was once a thought, same way you can have thoughts and universe is there to give shape to your thoughts.  Power is within you.

In order to attract more power you have to create less resistances, and you have to change your thoughts and think right. You and I are creative beings, and we always have the capacity to create more, when we sit to draw a painting new ideas and plans come automatically in mind, every difficult task ends up and teaches us new and simple ways to complete same task. We are always creating consciously or unconsciously. By knowing who we are and what we possess we can expand the power within, we can begin to more our creation from the unconscious to conscious. We create at conscious level and are able to make choices but at unconscious level we cannot make choices. In the law of attraction all you have to do is center on the right thinking. Right thinking is a thought pattern that is based on truth.

Thanks all readers

Love and peace from the author.