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“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.”

This article focuses on the power of  breathing. How powerful normal breathing is which we often don’t notice. Just inhale and exhale of air is so important that we can even improve health issues and increase attention and focus.
Take few long breaths in and out, you feel the rise and fall of your chest. Breathing therapists and scientists says you’re doing this wrong. Breathing play crucial role to reduce stress, improve focus, and can even lower blood pressure and many other health issues. Breathing is the core of mindfulness practices, from Yoga and tai chi and meditation. Studies showed that following only breathing exercises along can be beneficial for body and mind both. Even though scientists have not answered what aspect of breathing is beneficial to health, the physical aspect of deep inhaling or the flushing of carbon dioxide or the relaxation.  And there is no definitive study to describe the relative contribution of each component.
Controlled breathing has benefited people from ancient times, says Hindu philosophy, activity called ParanĂ¡ where the one who practice this try and focus only on inhale and exhale of air. This activity relax both mind and body. Let’s further discuss about breathing and its benefits.

Relaxation and meditation technique   ( relies on breathing, breathing being common factor in all the approaches to calm mind and body. Nowadays, Yoga and Meditation are soaring popularity, government reported last year that number of young who practice Yoga and Meditation have jumped from 9.5% in 2012 to 18.7% in 2018. Even though there is rise in percentage but still it leaves behind huge percentage that are not into the practice of Yoga and Meditation. Might be there are also many who are taking benefits of deep breath in and out but are not in records.

Breathing is very important activity of subconscious mind (now what is subconscious mind you can open this link it happens every time but we don’t take record, when this important function of subconscious mind stops we will die for sure. Breathing is base of life, base of relaxation, base of connecting to the universe. Once we start noticing each inhale and exhale we bring conscious mind in work and allow subconscious mind to calm down and think only that which is positive and will give beautiful results. Breathing is also dictated by the automatic nervous system, centered in the brain stem.
Breathing is the only automatic system we can control via meditation. But the subconscious mind will always try to override our thoughtful efforts. But once this automatic system is under control and in turn affect other body functions like heartbeat, it alleviate anxiety and emotional stress and can even improve physical and cognitive health issues.

Back to belly breathing. (correct breathing technique)

Normal breathing at rest will rise belly and not chest. Just watch a sleeping baby. Chest breathing is useful says ROSA, but only when we need oxygen quickly. But today we are surrounded by too much stress that we often stay in tension. To relax during particular stressful moment, take 3 to 4 slow deep breaths, deep down to the belly to interrupt the fight or flight response.
At normal we breath 12 to16 times per minute. Deep breath means taking as much air as you can till the time you are unable to take more and as much you can. Lets talk about PRANAYAMA:
The basic belly breath of Pranayama goes like this: find comfortable place to sit or lie. Breath in through your nose fill your lungs from the bottom to up, first expanding the belly, than chest, and finally raising the color bone. Pause. Then gently exhale from the top to bottom, using your stomach muscles to push out the last of the air. Pause. Repeat. AND To develop rhythm you can count each step. Counting forces you to focus and sets you to measure improvement towards even longer breaths. Doing this means  you are at the verge of mindfulness meditation (find more about mindful meditation at the link even without trying.

You might be thinking this is easy to do, but actually Its not easy task to do. To open to the breathing, have control over subconscious mind, but regular practice will take you there. Its need consisted and dedicated practice. Be aware when you have become disturbed in any ways. To listen to and hear your own breath, you need to have inner peace. Not stressful thoughts running in your subconscious mind. While doing practice it will take every ounce of attention to possess to calm your mind. All you need is keep brining your mind in the practice of breathing and keeping note of each breath, don’t develop any communication with the thoughts of subconscious mind let them pass away.  Don’t even allow frustration to take over, any outside noise will keep to in the moment. Even steady breath will complete mindfulness in something to be satisfied with.
Never forgot that mind is elusive and very difficult to control. Which is why it’s best to approach the mind through the body when we demand change in our thoughts and ways of dealing stress. Don’t forget we cannot order our mind to stay positive during practice or in life. But we can breathe by breath, calm our mind grounded and open to many opportunities.
In the end I can say that controlled breathing will not only let you focus on activities but will eradicate any stress and tension. Any person trying to control anger will take deep breath several times and all the mental system that made him feel angry for any particular situation will calm down blood pressures will attain its normal flow final result anger is gone. Key to good health is deep breathing, key to meditation is controlled breathing, key to relaxation is deep breathing. That’s how important this automatic system is. We not only breath to live but also to attain unlimited benefits it offers. Meditation begins with having control over breath, brain calms and stressful thoughts are flushed off.
Thanks all readers
Love and peace from writer.


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