Positive Mental Attitude

Positivity in Attitude

“We learn much more from failure than from success. Never let failure stop us. Allow it to build our character.”
Thinking positive is a mental attitude in which we think and expect only favorable results. Mind that think positive waits for happiness and hope and health and wealth as an end result of every situation.  However, it actually means coming close to the challenges of life with positive attitude. It does not always means avoiding or ignoring bad times. Because good and bad times are part of life we have face them, with different outlook. It only means staying hopeful and positive even in bad times. Let bad feeling, and thoughts pass away. Calm your mind with meditation.( now how to meditate, beginners can read article meditation simple understand and method to mediate.)  
As we all know thinking starts with self-talk and day dreaming.  Self – talk and day dreaming are endless, we are producers and directors of that self – talk and day dreaming we can give end as positive where every think is solved and favorable, like any happy ending movie or just the opposite giving bad ending and further let ourselves suffer more. Self talk creates misconception because of lack of knowledge. If you have more of negative thoughts in your mind, your outlook towards life is pessimistic.
Studies say we have around 60,000 thoughts in our mind per day, many of which just come and go so quickly that we’re not aware of them.
How you can change your thinking “mental attitude” ?
Thinking about past is a kind of waste thought. No one can change what has already happened. We can only be careful for the future. Imagine how much time we spent daily thinking about past and waste time, let our-self suffer and feel pain that has already gone, feel  it again and again. It’s very rare that we think about sweetness of past. I am right? Our past thoughts remind us of our mistakes and wrong decisions.  It’s actually good to learn from past mistakes but equally bad to hold that same mistake for long time and suffer, feel that pain and guilt over and over again. Studies show we have about 80% thoughts about past. Which are waste thoughts.
Worrying about the future:
Next part of waste thoughts is thinking so much about future, about tomorrow. Future is uncertain for all of us, thinking may not go as planned, every think is pre-planned and it’s already written called destiny. We indulge so much thinking about future that we often forgot thinking and living present moment. Studies show on an average we think about 15% per day about tomorrow.   Now calculate and tell what is left for present only 5%.  Are we doing justice with our self?
Is it necessary to think about past which is gone and future which is uncertain?

Thinking about present:
Because only 5% of our thoughts are about our present. Now divide this 5% equally in positive and negative thought which is about 2.5% for each, you are left with only approx 2.5% positive mental attitude out of 100. Is this what you are living and earning for? Saving for what something that cannot be changed or something which is uncertain?
Why not live in present moment and love all around, have no grudges for that past and no thoughts for the future. I am not saying, one should not think about future and plan in advance but thinking too much is bad mental attitude.
We all know very well that happiness, peace and love depend on positive thoughts ONLY. Therefore, it’s very essential to have positive mental attitude.
Positive thoughts are thoughts related to peace, love, happiness and positive affirmation for the future. Think about future but in the form of affirmation and let your subconscious know what you want and let it work on that. Suppose you want peace in future affirm over it like : “I am so happy and grateful that I am living very peaceful life with every think I desire is with me” meditate over this and repeat this over several times a days.
On the other hand negative thoughts relates to ego, anger, grudges and fear of losing something in future. Let these thoughts pass away don’t hold them and self - talk with them.
Waste thoughts when we have no control over any situation even than if we think that thoughts are waste thoughts. Thoughts about past and future.
Important thoughts are those related to daily life and planning about present situations.
What can we do to keep thoughts positive :
Use only positive mental attitude while talking in group or with any other person, Be clear and precise, believe that you will succeed, monitor what went wrong, praise yourself for your success, forgive yourself for any mistake or failure, learn from the past, always remember things can be even worse, look for other possible ways and opportunities, don’t make excuse accept if something went wrong, be with those who think positive, imagine for successful outcome, and always smile.
I will conclude my article writing line written by MAHATMA GANDHI
“ your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny”.      
  Thanks love and peace all readers.