Affirmations : Principles and Techniques

Affirmations are among the most powerful tools given to each of us to master our living style. Affirmations are simple set of words spoken again and again, or meditated or are repeated very often. I article I intended to explain the ways to do this and the results you can yield from it.

In the law of attraction the thoughts are creative, that means we think as if we already have particular thing. Law of attraction is similar to the law of gravity will attract things towards and is applicable on all, there are no exception to this law. In the same way when seed planted will germinate and bear fruit against all odds, law of attraction will work against all odds and for all.

Nothing in this universe is ever lost and nothing can be added to this universe, only the appearance changes. Everything is present but in the form of energy everything is energy, even simple thought, and it has destination in the universe, energy will always appear it will never disappear, and each thought has its effects. Good thought will make your day better and bad thought will spoil your day, forgiveness will make you wise, but on the other side holding grudge will make you stressed.  Thought not only show effects on your life but on the life of others too.

We are all always thinking, consciously or unconsciously and it actually needs a lot of practice to think about nothing at all for even few seconds per day. We need to master this and this practice demands lots and lots of practice. Many times people don’t pay attention to what they are thinking; they don’t even know their thoughts are positive or negative. Be conscious of this fact that we can guide thoughts and being conscious of this fact as much as possible is the key to controlling life events. Everything is present in this universe, new job, new dream house, dream car, dream vacations destination all you need to do is focus your thoughts in achieving your goal and not focusing why you are unable to achieve them.

Thoughts act from subconscious mind. (Read more about subconscious mind https://www.dreamfulllife.com/2019/08/conscious-subconscious-mind-conscious.html ) we have conscious and subconscious mind, conscious which allow us to think and subconscious where all things are stored. It controls the important functions of our body like breathing, heart pumping, digesting etc. Subconscious mind will work for all perform same functions, therefore, similar thoughts expressed or written – when repeated become fixed in our subconscious mind. From there they act upon our environment and create situation similar to our thoughts. Start your day saying I will late for work or I will experience something bad. Subconscious mind will listen to it and make things bad for you.

Positive thoughts:

Positive thought about certain situation, certain theme, certain event, certain emotion will bundle up. That makes them more powerful and they act better. When there are many thoughts about particular subject, they will become concentrated around that subject forming core. This core can further be fed with positive or negative thoughts or of both kind thoughts. Ultimate result will depend on the most powerful thought, positive or negative.
When any thought in the form of negative mental attitude it will attract its equivalent, which means negative things integrated in it. The opposite happens with positive core/ positive mental attitude. All thoughts that were once saved will remain in subconscious mind until we decide to delete them and meditate and focus on positive thoughts only. Thoughts always materialize; do not forget, until we consciously decide to change them.

Equivalent of thoughts are created in material world:

It is the law of nature that, each thing is in the form of energy, each thought will provoke a reaction in the real world. Suppose someone slapped you, your conscious thought will be slap that person back, but only subconscious mind can change this reaction. It’s a fact, that positive mental attitude will never provoke negative thought. Thoughts will always manifest themselves, but no one knows when will this happen.  The more a group of thought is fed with an idea of positivity, the stronger it will become. Each new idea with positive mental attitude will open new opportunities and ways.      

There are two fundamental thoughts: fear and love. When we are afraid there is no love. Fear can only be banned by love but not fear. Loving is broadest sense of the world, love can concur anything, but it’s impossible to ask us to love someone we actually do not love, cannot be forced. We can only say few affirmations for others we not love and bless them peace and prosperity for life but we cannot love them.

Love is always powerful tool:

Love is powerful than fear as the vibrations number is higher. We can choose for it at any time, it’s our choice to love or hate others. Thoughts fed with love have stronger power of realization.  Such thoughts correspond to the truth of our existence, such thoughts offer protection.


The importance of affirmations. Its only principle that refers to yourself to be the first person. It starts with “I” suppose “I am very strong, very powerful…….” Is considered to be very powerful. Using your own name in affirmation is also very strong. It’s said that it’s very effective for use to use our own name in any affirmation and manifest things fast. Suppose “X” person wants new job. They can affirm like “I X has now got selected for my dream job, interview went so well, I am joining my new office in next few days, thank you universe” meditate over these lines or repeat them often, apply for the dream job and experience things happening in practical, in this material world.

Forming an affirmation can also is done for others, but one cannot affirm for others without their permission and consent.  While forming any affirmation only thing that has to kept in mind is they should only be in positive words. You cannot manifest negative for you and for others. Law of nature, also called the law of attraction only works if desired results are benefiting you and others, you cannot harm anyone using that law of attraction. Bad will ultimately happen in your life.
Important thing to remember is that affirmations are always in present tense as if things have already happened in  your life, you cannot hope and wish for things to happen if you want law of attraction should work for you. For faster results don’t forgot to pay gratitude for the things you already have.

Thanks all readers thanks for your valuable time

Love and peace from author.