MINDFULNESS: next step in meditation

MINDFULNESS : Next Step in Meditation  

If Concentration help us balance our emotions and feelings. Than mindfulness, helps us free our-self from burdens we may not even know we are hauling around.
It is mental training practice which includes focusing mind on your emotions, thoughts, and body sensations in the present moment.  It involves practice breathing, mental imagination, awareness of body and mind, and relaxation of body.
How it is done:
Learning this type meditation is straight forward. Some people do this for 15 to 20mins daily, according to me even few minutes per day can make huge difference in over all mental attitude. Here are some simple ways to get started:
1.      Find peaceful and comfortable place. Sit on a chair, bed or floor with your head, neck and back straight with no stiffness in body.
2.      Keep all thoughts of your past and future aside be in present moment.
3.      Beware of your each breath, focusing on the air moving in and out of your body. Feel your belly size increasing and decreasing, and feel the air that enters your nostrils. Just pay attention and experience how each breath chances and is different.
4.      Keep attention on every thought which come and go. It can be worry, anxiety or hope. Do not hold those thoughts in your mind when they come, simply notice and let them pass. Stay calm and focus on breathing.
5.      But please be careful don’t we hard on yourself, if sometimes you get carried away with the thoughts just notice where they end and come back on breathing again.
Other ways to introduce mindfulness meditation into life and thoughts:   
There is actually no law or strict rules for doing meditation. All you need is calm place and be comfortable. Daily life provide ample opportunities to practice mindfulness meditation.
Here are few Kate Hanley’s tips to practice mindfulness in your daily routine:
Doing the dishes:
Have you ever noticed no one actually disturb us while doing dishes. Combination of alone time and physical activity makes cleaning after meals a best time to try little mindfulness.
How you can do while doing dishes many of you must be having question in your mind.
All you have to do is concentrate on the flow of water from tap, feel the warmth of warm water, listen the sound of clunking pans, watch the bubbles, feel your feet on the floor.
In the morning while brushing:
Day without brushing is waste and tasteless day. Why not make this time and practice as mindful as you can.  Feel every moment while brushing, your feet on the floor, brush in your hands, arms moving up and down. Einstein said he did his best thinking while shaving.
Exercising :
Listening to music while running on treadmill will make your workout finish quickly, but it wont calm your mind. Why not switch off all screens and just focus on your breathing and where your feet are.
Watch your subconscious battle over bedtime when you don’t have to rush, simply try and enjoy the experience. Sit down or lie down focus only on in and out of air from nostrils. Keep account of each breath you take. You will get results within few mins you will fall down sleep and get best sleep with calm mind. Next day will be all new with new sunshine full of hope and positivity and new opportunities.
 In my concluding lines I will say. Mindfulness meditation needs consistency because its effects can be better experienced over time, I will help train wandering mind and let you come back to the present moment. A study conducted in 2014 said that many people would rather apply electroshock to themselves than be alone with their thoughts. Another study shows people find it hard to focus on the present moment and that the mind and its wandering nature that can lead to stress and even sufferings.
Thanks all readers
Love and peace from author.