Mind buildings

Building in Mind

Man can imagine in mind and make it happen is real as he wills, that’s power of subconscious mind of mine and yours. We are actually mind building every hour of our lives, consciously or unconsciously. Many of us are doing things unconsciously, but those who have seen a little below the surface of things have taken the matter in hands and have become conscious creators. Such people are no longer affected by the outside influencing factors but have become masters of themselves. Such people assert the “I” and compel obedience from the subordinate mental faculties. The “I” is the supreme of the mind, and what we call “WILL” is the instrument of the “I” and Universal Will is higher than the will of the individual, but the later is in closer touch with the Universal Will. The moment we asserts the “I”, and “finds our-self”, we establishes a close connection between individual will and the universal will. But before we can avail the mighty power at our command, we must first affect the mastery of the lower self.
Think of a man being slave of his moods, passions, and lower faculties, and at the same time trying to claim the benefits of the will. When he is salve of his lower parts of his mental being, which should be subordinate. Here, I am speaking of Self- Mastery – the assertion of the “I”  over the subordinate parts of oneself. In fact, this “I” is the only real self, and rest is the non-self. All things are good when we learn to master them, but nothing is good when it masters us. As long as we allow our lower portions of the self to give us orders, we are slaves. It is only when the “I” comes in power and lifts the scepter, that order is established and things assume their proper relation to each other. but We are here calling the attention of those who are ready, to the fact that the supreme must assert his will, and that “the subject must obey”. Orders must be given and carried out.
We have actually been allowed our mental kingdom to be misgoverned by irresponsible faculties. We have been the slaves of unworthy thoughts and passions and negativeness. The will has been set aside and lower desire has usurped the throne. Now is the time to re-establish order in the mental kingdom.
We are powerful enough to assert the mastery over any emotion, passion, feelings or class of thoughts by the assertion of the will. We can order our fear to go, jealousy to leave your presence; hate to depart from the sight; anger to go away; worry to cease troubling us- all by the assertion of the “I”. We can surround our-self with love, courage and self-care, by the same means. Before we march forth to empire, we must establish the proper internal conditions- must show ability to govern our own kingdom through affirmations:


Repeat these words as often you can, repeat them every hour once or twice repeat them before sleep and when you wake up. You will become conscious of an influx of new thoughts and things which were seemed hard for you will suddenly become easier. You will feel that  you are now so much in control and hands and that you are the master and not the slave. The thought you will hold will manifest itself in action, and you will steadily grow to become that which you have in mind.

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