How stress can be reduced for HEALTHY life (women)
Why its important for women to reduce stress.
Women all over the world face special stresses and each women has unique needs when it’s come to releasing stress, for healthy life. There are many ways women can adopt to make changes in lifestyle and promote healthy life for themselves.
Social support is a great stress reliever. Relatives and friends can help each other in many ways, from offering time to listen, lending a helping hand. Studies conducted in various parts of the world have shown that, those women who have strong social group live healthier, happier, and less stressed life. To be nurtured is special requirement for every women, because women tend to deal stress more often than their counter parts men.
Women face blocks to friendship, as we find our self more busy in daily routine. Its often seen women become less social after marriage, no outings with friends, no social network, as demands of work increases, they have to look after children, and other family responsibilities, which often take over the free time that was free previously to make friends. I would say it’s important for women to make social networks and develop support in their lives.
What can women do?
Its now time to find balance and learn to say no:
Women today play many roles at once, and because all these roles are time consuming, women need to find balance to devote to all activities and make list, life need strategic planning in personal life. Without planning and prioritizing commitments will take every spare minute, leaving no time for self – nurturing, friendships and even good sleep.
Taking care of body:
Each women play roles of caretaker for others, and they often forgot about themselves. Women take care of men, children, friends, relatives in-fact anyone related to them. It’s important to find time for self and nurture yourself. Each women should have at least 2 hours out of 24 hours for them –self. There are many stress relievers that are great for body.
Exercise, meditation, spa treatment, healthy eating, self talk, visualization of your desires, praise of self no one know you better than you.
Getting good sleep:
Research shows too many people don’t get adequate sleep. which leave them less productive and active for next day. Women, because of their multi tasking nature and many roles often find less time to sleep than they need which can lead to stressful life. Each woman should at least find 8hours of good sleep to have healthy life style and stay active.
Never ignore feelings:
Women are often told to ignore what they want and what they feel and asked to look after and listen to the family needs and desires, leaving behind being self. Although these things are important it’s important for women to look after each person’s feel associated with her because of her motherly nature, but ignoring self feelings can lead to stress and depression.
Being in touch with feelings is great tool for wellness. Becoming aware how different situations effects us is important. Finding time for self and valuing self feelings may be difficult for women to do, but once women will understand how important this is for healthy life they will be benefited in long run.
Self – talk and its content:
Women often create stress full situation for self while indulging in self – talk and often recall bad times, or think about worse to happen in future. There are very few people who understood the true meaning of self- talk, talk with subconscious mind and are taking benefits out of it. Suppose you have developed a negative self- talk or a pessimistic view of the outside world, you can miss many opportunities, and perform below your potential. Fortunately you can develop positive self talk be optimistic, built a habit of thinking positive taking small steps and ignore negative thoughts all together.
Finding time for self:
It’s important for each woman single or married to take time out for self regularly, do thing that nurture you, your soul feels happy, and you feel alive, if women cannot do this she can face burnouts and hence live stressful life. Life with stress can not benefit self and others around, it’s important for women to be happy, to spread happiness around. Self management practice is must, what you can do is make list of activities that you love doing and don’t enjoy doing. Find time for loved activities and totally ignore others. If outing boosts you go for outing at least once in a week not to buy household thing, but just to move around and observe.
Avoid unhealthy habits:
Women are prone to dealing with stress in less than healthy ways, such as drinking, smoking, over eating, getting to much involved in bad emotions, and ignoring these habits are not doing good to them. When you find yourself getting too into unhealthy habits, examine the root of the stress and change your habits.
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