Affirmations and discipline

This is my third article in the series of articles about affirmations starting with article named “POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS” and “AFFIRMATIONS AND WAYS THEY ARE EXPRESSED”. This article will cover what discipline one can follow so that affirmations will help each and every user of affirmations change life and experience miracles of life.

1.     EACH DAY

Most appropriate time is morning and the evening. In the morning and in the evening distance “between” our consciousness and our subconscious is minimum and hence it’s easier for thoughts to penetrate into the subconscious mind. This is alpha zone where the right half of the brain is involved. This can also be reached by meditation reaching the right hemisphere of mind is much easier with regular practice. Making affirmation while you are quite is also efficient.

One should not miss making affirmation during first 21 days at least, unless the wish is already materialized. In my experience I have seen many times affirmations showed results within few days and some are still in process.

2.     Pay attention only to the situation which correspond with your affirmation:

It’s very important that to solve any problem using affirmations, one does not have revenge full feelings or hatred or negative mental attitude. One should altogether ignore and not see any situation which has negative vibrations, and see only situations and focus that what correspond your wish and affirmation and keep positive mental attitude. Hatred is force just like love – with a difference that hate release more of negative vibrations and love release more of positive vibrations into the universe. Don’t forget principle of harmony is always active and powerful and it cannot be stopped by anyone. You have to see in your minds eyes what you want and what you have affirmed for. Suppose when someone is hostile to you than you have to see in your mind a friendly person, and feel happy. Don’t stop yourself to imagine the best you want for yourself, this will take you on the highest frequency, hence, speed up the manifestation process.

3.     Be persistent until you achieve the results:

Never stop affirming once you have started. You can make choice whether you have to do something or not have to do. This is very essential. Whether to start and you have faith, you are ready to face consequences. You have to believe and keep full faith that your wish will come true.

Keeping persistence is where many people fail to achieve results: they do not persist. The affirmations have to be repeated each and every day. You have to take time out from your busy schedule to repeat your affirmation, at least for the first 3 weeks or until they are manifested. Many people repeat affirmations for few days and then forget to continue, skip for few or many days. Than law of attraction and affirmations will not work. Repeating affirmations should not be considered as tough job, your enthusiasm drives you. Many time affirmations have taken months and even years, but they have come true for many.

You can select certain moment of the day to write down or repeat your affirmation. I for instance repeat my affirmations whenever I am on bed relaxing. It is now my routine. It becomes a habit.

You can ask yourself whether you have to continue or whether you can stop after 21 days and release the affirmation and leave it to the law of attraction to work for you. I always continue making affirmation until my wish is achieved.  Letting go of something sometimes appear in literature and the universe will realize what we entrust it with, in full confidence about its results.

4.     Keep affirmations for yourself:

Do not tell your wish or the way you want to achieve it to others unless they wish you the best of results and do not oppose your affirmations. Many times there are people around you who actually want for you that your wish should come true, but if they have no faith in your way of phrasing affirmations they will release negative frequency, hence, manifestation will take time. Don’t forget people living together have closely related auras. Unwillingly they capture and absorb thoughts of the other person. You have to keep yourself in the close company of people who can share same level aura as yours is for your wish to come true. Always find yourself in the company of positive people who believe nothing is impossible and everything that anyone wishes for is achievable.

5.     For how many times a affirmation has to be used:

Twice a day in the morning and in the evening, that is the minimum. Manifestation is faster when you make more affirmations. Repeating affirmation 30 times a day with faith keeping positive mental attitude should give results. But you can always decide for you taking into account other important deeds of the day. The more you repeat the faster the results are.

Another important thing is “interference with the collective mind when making affirmations”. Now what is collective mind. As I have already discussed people living together influence each other’s mind through subconscious. They many times they have common goals and make each other stronger. But Many times their conviction about goals may differ. These convictions can be positive. But maybe they are not. When people hold certain opinions as true, then they become collective convictions, of all kinds due to the fact that a massive number of people believe them.

Affirmations are also used for collectivity. Because the subconscious of all individuals are connected, there is a kind of collective and universal subconscious linking all parallel thoughts. Thoughts of peace, joy, happiness and kindness. Each and every thought had its effect. Thoughts of harmony for all people always have a positive effect.

Person with the kind thoughts has at that moment the stronger energy flow than someone with negative thoughts, person with harmonious thoughts are already protected against negativity. Positive and love vibrations released into the universe will always flow on highest frequency and faster the process of manifestation.

Thanks all readers

Love and peace from author.