Monday, September 30, 2019

Understand Who You Are?

Understand who you are?

In order to take control of your life, it’s important to gain understanding of “who you are”? Our self image, which is picture of ourselves that we hold in our mind. All that we do, our actions, feelings, our behavior and our abilities, are consistent with this picture formed in mind. We act as a kind of person we think we are. What we need to know is that as long as we hold onto that picture, no amount of willpower, determination or commitment will cause us to be any other way, because we will always act as we see ourselves.

Mental Blueprint:

We collect hundreds and thousands of ideas about ourselves as being good or bad, wise or stupid, confident or fearful and so on. These all false identities harden into our self- image. This self created self image either allows us to be happy and successful or suffer failure and be sad. Within us is a mental blueprint. Its picture of the way that we think we are. But, this blueprint in not who we are, but who we think we are.

The circumstances that formed our self image may have been totally different, but as far as we are concerned they are true. We most of the time can’t even consciously recall how or from where we obtained this false information.

The Ages and The Secret

The secret of ages, the one most incredible truth that very few realize, is that at the being level, which we will call our Higher Self, we are spiritually whole, and perfect. Just as a drop of water has all the qualities of the ocean, same way we all have all the qualities of the Creator within us.

Each religion, science and philosophy teaches that there is only ONE POWER in the universe, and we are with the Power. You and I are individualized expressions of all the Power of the universe. This is Higher Self. Higher Self can never be destroyed within us. We can only deny that it’s there, we can try to hide from it and lie about it, but we cannot change the fact that it’s we who we are. We all only need to recognize “who we are” and learn how to channel it through right thoughts.

We all must understand the difference between who we are and what actually we do. We are spiritually perfect and what we do is not perfect. The gap between two is created through our ignorance.  Let’s do one exercise right now. Just say to yourself. “I know that I am spiritually perfect.” Now listen to the little voice in your head. It must be saying ‘no I am not’. The affirmation of perfection threatens your ego. Ego immediately sends back the response, ”what do you mean you’re perfect? Come on take a good look at yourself. You’re always complaining, how about the way you treat yourself and others around, your mother, father, boss, colleagues and so on.

Your Ego is Actually Tricking you.

You can see your ego does not want you to look good at yourself. It want you to recall all the bad behavior and notions you have for other, recall all bad that you have done in the past. It wants to identify with your actions and feel guilty. You must recognize that your ego is trying to trick you. This not the truth about you.

The only way out of this is affirm your own perfection. Do not forget the first and most essential step in changing your life, no matter what you want to be, do or have, is to recognize your inner self as perfect, based upon the truth about you, that you are spiritually whole and complete.

Balancing your Ego:

There are many ways to balance your ego and the most important is love yourself without limits. Loving yourself will not blot your ego. It will actually neutralizes your ego, because ego isn’t about loving yourself.  We all need to understand that life is consciousness. This means that what we assume to be true will become real for you. Whatever we are conscious of, we will experience. We will experience in life what we all are deeply convinced is so. If your thoughts says your worthless your conscious will let you experience situations where you will find yourself worthless and if your thoughts will say I am the best among all and I deserve all the happiness you will experience such situations in life.    

The bottom line is this: if we all cannot accept ourselves, that we’re worthy and deserving, then we cannot accept that other people are worthy and deserving, and will therefore be in judgment of them.

Solution to this is only love yourself unconditionally. This is only the way that can ever be free. We must totally accept ourselves first and then others.

Never Reject Yourself

It’s very important to look at the personality that you’ve created. One reason you keep yourself from doing this is because you’ve been an imitator. It’s important to understand that nobody can create a self from scratch. Everyone has to do the same thing. We all choose from what is available. And we all must have built our personality through imitations. No one must have put together the same combination. For instance: There are only twelve notes in the musical scale, but hundreds and thousands of unique and beautiful combinations. It’s all about how they are put together.

Self Acceptance Means Beginning of Freedom

We all have allowed our ego to dominate us and let us believe that we are incompetent, insecure, stupid, bad, evil, unworthy and so on. All of this can be summed up as poor self esteem or poor self image. Until we make a conscious decision to change our thought patterns, we will continue to have poor self esteem. Just accept yourself, to love who you are to be yourself. Only when you begin to love yourself you begin to love others. People often say forgot about yourself and love others first, care for others first, but it don’t work that way. The truth is you must first love yourself, first change yourself, only than you can step in to change others. Motivation begins from inside not from reading books and articles of great writers. How you treat yourself will create your behavior and this behavior creates your environment or your end results.   

Remember you will always be a failure in someone’s eyes. You will never win everyone over, sometimes not even a majority. You simply can’t please anyone, so learn to please yourself and enjoy who you are.

Thanks all readers.

 Love and Peace from the author.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Truth Of your Life

Truth of Your Life

Law of Attraction works for all; you can change your life just by your thoughts, and keeping thoughts RIGHT. But when life is not working the way you want it to, that is because somewhere inside you, you have accepted false beliefs that keep you from being all that you want. 90 to 95% population of this planet feel stuck. Actually when we see people around us suffering, and we give double thoughts do this “law of attraction” really works, why are these people suffering when we all can change our fortune by keeping thoughts right. These people must have never had thoughts that may lead those suffering miseries of life.

Do we really look within for answer to the confusion? Do we really know what rules of this life are? So the answer for all who are suffering, are suffering in ignorance of ourselves and of life, we fight for what we want, many times it ends up not working and letting us suffer and live stressed life.

Don’t forget this life is a game. Some people play this game of fortune. Some people play this game of misery. Some people play this game of being always right. Some people play this for always being late, for happiness, for abundance, for thankfulness and list is long. All this means all individuals are playing game that he or she sets up, and yes no one is better than another player.

Let’s understand this with simple example, when someone plays this life game of being weak, others will have to love him/her, protect from all evils, take care off. Indeed this is the ultimate way of getting attention. When you play this life game having confused state of mind, and let others decide for you, then you protect yourself from being blamed for all wrong that may happen. From this example I can say the power of “powerless” people is remarkable. They are actually very good at making others play the part they have actually written.

I read in one book about playoffs: look at the value you are getting out of playoff. An example given was being sick. Look at the value you get out of being sick. You may say this is cruel and insensitive. And you don’t know what you have been through. Ni it is not cruel. In-fact it’s crueler to deny it. What you are really saying here is your disease has more power than you do to decide your destiny. Here is who is giving the illness such power.

What is illness it’s body’s reaction to your mind. And your body is feedback mechanism of your mind, it will always let you know what is going on in your conscious mind, and at emotional level. Talk more about your suffering you will suffer more, talk more about your abundant life you will get abundance in life at every step of your life. We can happily spend thousands of dollars on medical treatment and this is very much ok for the society we are living in, what about having thoughts of spending half this amount on fun and joy in life. Society gets jealous. Why bother about what other person will think and do what will satisfy you and your inner subconscious. People would think you are crazy, and they might resent you. For this society we are living in, having pleasure is abnormal, but having pain is normal.

We all wait for moment in our life, we wait for being healthy, to be alive, to be wealthy, to start new venture, to fall in love, to communicate, to interact, to clear blocks in relationships, this waiting is trap. We wait for good time to come, and forget same time will repeat again, only our action can change this worse time into best and end this waiting trap we all are living in. Never wait for others, for giving you happiness be reason for your happiness. Never let any other person control your life be controller of your life. Never think other person is always, other person is always right but only for himself or herself but never you. You can only be right person for you. No one knows you better than you.

Change is possible but only form inside. The only way this world can be healed is healing ourselves first. We all need to remind ourselves of who we are and what we are capable of. We all have to take responsibility of what is happening to us. Through the law of attraction, we always attract consciously or unconsciously, thoughts you are having in your mind while reading this articles are also attracting something in your life, you know better your thoughts are positive, negative or right at this moment. Don’t forget if anyone has done something to us, we have participated in it, and are at same level and equally responsible. In this world there are no victims, only volunteers, hard pill to digest though, but till the time we accept this we cannot change things for the better.

Because you’re unlimited power is in you and your abilities to have control over your thoughts. Your state of mind will take you to the directions of your thoughts. Because this life is consciousness, the most important task we have is the development of the highest possible consciousness. We can do this by changing our thought and challenging our beliefs, we all most let go of anything that is between what we believe and what we want. Listen to your intuition, it will tell you what you want because your heart exactly know what you want. Mind can sell you our but intuitions can never. Intuitions are strong connection between you and the ultimate power of subconscious mind in you. People can control you through mind but can never control you through intuitions. Think about all the things you have lost by not following your intuitions, we have already lost a lot because we imagine we will lose something by following our intuition or inner voice. Your intuitions tell you all that what you want o hear.

This life of yours is important. it’s important to you, and equally important to the rest of the people on this planet. I believe that every person on this planet arrived here with a mission. If you will listen to your intuition your purpose or your mission will be revealed to you.

Thanks all readers

Love and Peace from the author.

Thursday, September 26, 2019


THE UNIVERSEAL LAW: The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is like other natural laws, operates with mathematical exactitude.  It works for all, its impersonal and impartial, that means it will work when you want it to work and when you don’t want it to work. This law has nothing to do with the personality, religion, good or bad, rich or poor or anything else. We all live within this law no one is beyond. This law is as real as Law of Gravity.

Before Law of Gravity was identified we know nothing about this law but still everybody was still affected by it. Same is the case with Law of Attraction. Most of the population is unaware of the working and principal of its work but still everyone is affected by it. You also don’t need to know the mechanics how Law of Gravity works to keep yourself from floating into the space, same way you also don’t need to know the mechanics of LAW OF ATTRACTION, how it works and functions in your life.

After reading this article you will realize that everything you experience in your life is invited, attracted and created by you. There are no exceptions to this law and its applicability. You may feel unhappy and it may be a bad news if your life is not going the way you want it to. Most of us are not happy with what we have created in our lives.

Your mind will attract whatever is familiar to itself. The positive attract and experience positive circumstances and negative mind attracts and experience much of worse. A confused mind attracts more confusion and the abundant mind attracts more abundance.

Subconscious mind play crucial role in our thought patterns that control our lives.
The most important function of subconscious mind is to follow the instruction of the conscious mind.  In-fact the job of the subconscious mind is to prove the conscious mind is always right. So, if you consciously believe that you can’t do or have something, the conscious mind will create the circumstance and find the people to prove that you are right. Subconscious mind works just like any automatic machine; it will follow its recorded instructions and function until you manually override the controls. Subconscious mind doesn’t change reality of the world around anyone. Everything is already there in the universe all you need is just direct your subconscious mind and direct towards and make it realize that you deserve what you want. Likewise your desired job is already there in the job market but the reason you are not yet appointed is you think more over why you haven’t got that job and call the person appointed on that job to be lucky. Call yourself lucky and believe that till date you are gaining experience and making yourself capable for your desired job, change your thoughts from negative to right, Imagine yourself working on the job feel the change, enjoy new atmosphere, new energy and pleasure of doing that job in your imagination, soon you will find yourself appointed on the job.

“I am so happy and grateful for the new Dream Job that I have found.

You can use above affirmation, how affirmations are used and things are manifested you can read my article( ) affirmation and discipline for better understanding. Subconscious mind support your beliefs and the picture that you hold in your mind. Your subconscious mind cannot think for itself just remember. It will bring to you all that things that are consistent with your deepest inner beliefs.

We often call our self powerless and find someone else outside to fulfill our desires. But when we come to the understanding  that everything that we want is created in our mind, through the use of right thinking, which is simple clear thinking we come to realize that we can only give our self what we want. You can find article on “Right Thinking” @ the link given. 

Trust Your Creative Power

You have to trust the creative power inside you to create what you want. This power can create good and worse whatever you want. Think about someone being superior to you, you will find yourself inferior all the times you face that superior man in your mind. Call yourself superior and best over all others all around, your subconscious mind will attract people how believe in your superiority.  Think of something you can do you can choose even the difficult task to test your power trust me you will come up with the ideas of completing that task it may take some time but eventually you will achieve your goal.  Don’t forget the effect will always be equal to the cause. If your life is successful, it means that the power supports you in your success. It all comes out of our ideas.

Power is Directed by Thoughts

As I already said our ideas are created into results. In simple words it is done as you believe, not that you want, having believe of achieving is must. There is vast difference between both want and believe. When we think, universe around moves. That means you put idea out into the universe, places and things come into your life to fulfill that idea. Everything that you see today around you was once in thoughts of others, the house you live in was in your thoughts how your house will look like, the chair you are sitting and reading this article was once in the thoughts of carpenter, the mobile , tab or the computer you are using its design was once in thoughts of manufacturers. Everything around was once a thought, same way you can have thoughts and universe is there to give shape to your thoughts.  Power is within you.

In order to attract more power you have to create less resistances, and you have to change your thoughts and think right. You and I are creative beings, and we always have the capacity to create more, when we sit to draw a painting new ideas and plans come automatically in mind, every difficult task ends up and teaches us new and simple ways to complete same task. We are always creating consciously or unconsciously. By knowing who we are and what we possess we can expand the power within, we can begin to more our creation from the unconscious to conscious. We create at conscious level and are able to make choices but at unconscious level we cannot make choices. In the law of attraction all you have to do is center on the right thinking. Right thinking is a thought pattern that is based on truth.

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Thinking Right

Right Thinking

Starting point of any change in life begins with thinking. Now is that what you are thinking right or wrong is important to understand. You all possibly now what positive thinking and negative thinking is, how it can change your life. All the readers who have missed reading article written by me on “POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE” can find link here:

Think of a situation when you sit in car, you want to drive it as best as you can but for the first time you know nothing about driving. You have no knowledge about driving, gears, breaks, music system, how to reverse ect. They driver eventually gets fed up when could not find balance, he finds no pleasure and no enjoyment of driving experience, and then he decides to go driving school. The teacher says,” driving is easy and everybody should master this skill, but you need to understand and master few driving skills” an example of right thinking, positive thinking was when you had thought of driving without learning.

Each one of us is capable of driving but we need training and instructor who can make us learn driving, likewise each one of us has ability to play the life game with balance, happiness and with enjoyment, but we need to know few rules and driving forces.

Our life works on our principles and physical law. If this was not the fact of life than any one among us was capable to fly an airplane, because there would be no gravity, there would be nothing like electricity, no mathematical problems etc.

Universal laws are dependable.

Universal laws are dependable and unchangeable. Anyone can depend on it, and it will work every time. Like law of gravity anything thrown in the air will come down no matter who is throwing it, rich or poor, child or master. Fact is universe will never let you down. The power, the force, and the energy of universe for all is neutral and we direct this energy through our own thoughts and beliefs.

*    Your each spoken word is law:  
    Whatever we are saying, each word spoken is the law in the universe. But we all should know these laws. Without understanding and in ignorance, we cannot create what we want. This fundamental is confirmed in the law of Cause and Effect. Cause and Effect states that the ultimate result of any situation must be equal to the cause. The cause is always a belief.

The law of cause and effect is not personal, just like sun shines for all, stars blink and beautify sky for all. When standing in sun we receive warmth and healing benefits of sun’s rays. On the other hand when decide to stand in shade it’s like sun is not shining on you. Who actually thought of moving in the shade? Who moved you into the darkness? Answer is our ignorance that sun can heal us and give warmth, and our thoughts.

The problem is problem of ignorance. Any universal law is impersonal same is law of cause and effect but people are ignorant about this law. This can be one of the reasons when we see good people have many problems in their lives. Somewhere such people must have used this law wrong, misunderstood, or misused. It doesn’t mean that person is bad and not loving. It only means because of his or her ignorance law was used wrong or misused.

 I will not be wrong if I will compare this universe with river that always flows. The river will keep on flowing and will not care whether you are happy or sad, good or bad, young or adult, sitting on the bank, it will just keep flowing. Same is with this universe. The universe that we live in can support or destroy us. This universe will work for us based on our thinking. Think wise, wise will come back, think worse, worse will happen. The universe is listening each one of us. Our each thought has effect.

We are only receiving what our mind is capable of accepting. Half filled glass with water has different interpretations for different people, for few its half full and for few its half empty. People with positive mental attitude will see it half full and be hopeful on the other hand people with negative mental attitude will see it half empty and no hope. In the law of attraction and the universal law some may demand of normal car and some other may demand for hybrid SUV luxury car. The abundance of the universe is always there and waiting. Our consciousness, our ideas, our belief system determine whether we go to the universe of life with positive mental attitude or negative mental attitude or RIGHT MENTAL ATTITUDE.

We only have to change our belief system and ways of thinking and releasing energy into the universe. We actually focus more on what we do not have than being thankful for what we already have. Be grateful for the things you already have wait for the magic to happen in your life. Being grateful is always better and positive than asking.

*    How beliefs become limitations:

Everything that happens in our life/ every experience led us to believe certain things about ourselves. Whether those beliefs are right or wrong actually doesn’t matter because if we have accepted them true they are true for us, those beliefs can be wrong for others. When we repeat words long enough, it becomes law of universe. Repeat your worries very carefully, because universe is listening and always reacting, be careful what you are repeating and focusing on. Because, once you have accepted an idea, it’s an idea whose time has come and there is nothing that can stop it. Now it’s on you if you have selected an idea of luck or limitation. If you plant a seed, it will grow. If that seed is of potato you will not get tomato from it. Potato seed will not change its mind and start giving you tomato’s. Same is the law of universe that works on your thoughts negative or positive or right thoughts.

In my concluding lines I will say many of the things that we believe and garnered from past experiences, group of people and individuals – are not true, but they are the things that we have imagined to be true out of our selfishness to survive. Will to survive and desire to certainty are strong, we create rules the nature of life and how it unfolds, and these rules become beliefs. Unfortunately manytimes those beliefs become out limitations and stop us from thinking what is right.

Thanks all readers

Love and peace from author.

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Affirmations and discipline

This is my third article in the series of articles about affirmations starting with article named “POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS” and “AFFIRMATIONS AND WAYS THEY ARE EXPRESSED”. This article will cover what discipline one can follow so that affirmations will help each and every user of affirmations change life and experience miracles of life.

1.     EACH DAY

Most appropriate time is morning and the evening. In the morning and in the evening distance “between” our consciousness and our subconscious is minimum and hence it’s easier for thoughts to penetrate into the subconscious mind. This is alpha zone where the right half of the brain is involved. This can also be reached by meditation reaching the right hemisphere of mind is much easier with regular practice. Making affirmation while you are quite is also efficient.

One should not miss making affirmation during first 21 days at least, unless the wish is already materialized. In my experience I have seen many times affirmations showed results within few days and some are still in process.

2.     Pay attention only to the situation which correspond with your affirmation:

It’s very important that to solve any problem using affirmations, one does not have revenge full feelings or hatred or negative mental attitude. One should altogether ignore and not see any situation which has negative vibrations, and see only situations and focus that what correspond your wish and affirmation and keep positive mental attitude. Hatred is force just like love – with a difference that hate release more of negative vibrations and love release more of positive vibrations into the universe. Don’t forget principle of harmony is always active and powerful and it cannot be stopped by anyone. You have to see in your minds eyes what you want and what you have affirmed for. Suppose when someone is hostile to you than you have to see in your mind a friendly person, and feel happy. Don’t stop yourself to imagine the best you want for yourself, this will take you on the highest frequency, hence, speed up the manifestation process.

3.     Be persistent until you achieve the results:

Never stop affirming once you have started. You can make choice whether you have to do something or not have to do. This is very essential. Whether to start and you have faith, you are ready to face consequences. You have to believe and keep full faith that your wish will come true.

Keeping persistence is where many people fail to achieve results: they do not persist. The affirmations have to be repeated each and every day. You have to take time out from your busy schedule to repeat your affirmation, at least for the first 3 weeks or until they are manifested. Many people repeat affirmations for few days and then forget to continue, skip for few or many days. Than law of attraction and affirmations will not work. Repeating affirmations should not be considered as tough job, your enthusiasm drives you. Many time affirmations have taken months and even years, but they have come true for many.

You can select certain moment of the day to write down or repeat your affirmation. I for instance repeat my affirmations whenever I am on bed relaxing. It is now my routine. It becomes a habit.

You can ask yourself whether you have to continue or whether you can stop after 21 days and release the affirmation and leave it to the law of attraction to work for you. I always continue making affirmation until my wish is achieved.  Letting go of something sometimes appear in literature and the universe will realize what we entrust it with, in full confidence about its results.

4.     Keep affirmations for yourself:

Do not tell your wish or the way you want to achieve it to others unless they wish you the best of results and do not oppose your affirmations. Many times there are people around you who actually want for you that your wish should come true, but if they have no faith in your way of phrasing affirmations they will release negative frequency, hence, manifestation will take time. Don’t forget people living together have closely related auras. Unwillingly they capture and absorb thoughts of the other person. You have to keep yourself in the close company of people who can share same level aura as yours is for your wish to come true. Always find yourself in the company of positive people who believe nothing is impossible and everything that anyone wishes for is achievable.

5.     For how many times a affirmation has to be used:

Twice a day in the morning and in the evening, that is the minimum. Manifestation is faster when you make more affirmations. Repeating affirmation 30 times a day with faith keeping positive mental attitude should give results. But you can always decide for you taking into account other important deeds of the day. The more you repeat the faster the results are.

Another important thing is “interference with the collective mind when making affirmations”. Now what is collective mind. As I have already discussed people living together influence each other’s mind through subconscious. They many times they have common goals and make each other stronger. But Many times their conviction about goals may differ. These convictions can be positive. But maybe they are not. When people hold certain opinions as true, then they become collective convictions, of all kinds due to the fact that a massive number of people believe them.

Affirmations are also used for collectivity. Because the subconscious of all individuals are connected, there is a kind of collective and universal subconscious linking all parallel thoughts. Thoughts of peace, joy, happiness and kindness. Each and every thought had its effect. Thoughts of harmony for all people always have a positive effect.

Person with the kind thoughts has at that moment the stronger energy flow than someone with negative thoughts, person with harmonious thoughts are already protected against negativity. Positive and love vibrations released into the universe will always flow on highest frequency and faster the process of manifestation.

Thanks all readers

Love and peace from author.

Friday, September 20, 2019



In continuation to the pervious article “POSTIVITE AFFIRMATIONS” this article will state ways of expressing affirmations. Readers can click on the link in case missed reading previous article  .

Point 1. Imagine what exactly you want:

This is very important. It’s important to decide what exactly you are in need of. Not something that someone else might have suggested you to have, what is crucial is what you want for yourself, with no doubts and comparisons with others or your own present situations, if your wish is useless, continue to think until you are sure about what you exactly want. Then only the phrasing of affirmations will be more impressive.

You can imagine your worse situation and desire of something that you really want should happen in your life. For instance one of you dearest friend is ignoring you and is not taking into account what you feel about him /her. You can then define easily what it is and write down the opposite, something you really want.
You can aim as much high as you can, but make it realistic, not something which is impossible to realize.  In general you can decide very well whether what you are wishing is useful or vague, it should be something for personal development and not harming others. And do not limit your wish for any area, you can wish for any part of the living world. Don’t be afraid of wishing for something situated in material world.

Next do not talk about your wish with other until you are sure that, that person will not give negative views over your wish / desire, talk with only with the one who has very positive attitude for you and your success and personal development. 

Wish is also many times used to come out of certain worse situation, and desire to move on with faith that things will be fine soon is important. Many times wishes also hide lack of love. And it is very important for you to think thoroughly about this phrase. Imagine that you have achieved your wish, have you got smile on your face only after thought of achieving your wish? Are you feeling good? Is it something that you really wanted? Answer to the above questions should be only “YES”.  In case you answered over any question in “NO” thing over your wish again and try to answer same question. Take yourself into the real world where you have achieved your goal and imagine how you are feeling, feel the fresh air and new environment you find yourself in.

Ask for something that is specific: if you wish to have more wealth / money don’t wish for job that will pay you more be clear how much money you want and by what time do not wish to be milliner overnight because in order to be you have to give yourself time and work on ideas that will make you milliner, make it realistic. Your wish will be materialized.

Point 2.    Does not focus on what others want just forget :

While phrasing your wish just concentrate on what you want how things will work, when your wish is fulfilled. Do not take wish of any other person into account while thinking about your wish.  Just think how its important and beneficial for you, but the pivotal point to be taken into account while phrasing your wish is, your wish should not harm any other person. If you want law of attraction and positive thinking should work for you, be positive always not only about yourself but others also. Each reader know for certain what can be harmful for others.

Point 3. Delete everything that does not feel right:

Many times when thinking and writing down about your wish to form affirmation, it may happen that you write something down which goes against your feelings. Under such conditions don’t force yourself to believe in what you have written just delete that.  Feeling are good standard to determine whether  wish is good or not for you and others. Reasoning is many times not enough, because you need to link it to the feelings. So just feel happy about what you have written for your wish. So happy that you glow with happiness. When this is the situation then everything is alright.

Feeling not only help in framing very positive and effective affirmation but also are very good standard to measure the energy of an affirmation.  When wish to be pretty, use the affirmation : “I am now pretty”  while looking happy in the mirror then the energy releasing from the affirmation will very high, on the other hand when you will repeat same affirmation while looking in the mirror and unhappy energy realizing from the affirmation will be very low. This is because your conviction conquers.

It is therefore, very important to redirect yourself when you are feeling down and unhappy. Either by deleting what makes you unhappy or by eliminating negative mental attitude.  

Point 4.  Do not doubt:

While phrasing and writing affirmation many times it will happen that you are expressing your wish, and at the same moment you have doubt growing up:
Do I really deserve this?
Will this happen to me?
Do I have enough talent to achieve my goal?
I do not have enough time or money?
Will I have this or that?

And list is very long. Thoughts occurring when phrasing affirmation on you wish are somewhere connected to the ways you see things may happen. Without being aware about it. They actually show you the points you need to work on. These inner resistances are good to learn about the ways you feel about yourself. Deleting and leaving behind these are more important than materializing your wish. They show you what you actually need to clean on the ways of developing your wish. Because your wish is a part of you. It is guide to the more complete and fulfilled person you can become.

How you can clean up? Writing affirmation expressing opposite to you inner self should be avoided. For instance you doubt you deserve well paid job, write “I deserve job that pay me X amount,”. In order to achieve your wish select words while framing affirmation that will make to feel good and at the highest level of frequency and releasing highest energy into the universe. Many times it will happen that, certain circumstances will put your affirmation to the test, suppose to make affirmation for more inner peace. In that way the affirmation may be refined. What is important is being able to imagine what hampers your affirmation. It is also fact that the more skilled you become in this process, the deeper and quicker one is “put to the test”.

Thanks all readers

Love and peace from Author.

Sunday, September 15, 2019


Affirmations : Principles and Techniques

Affirmations are among the most powerful tools given to each of us to master our living style. Affirmations are simple set of words spoken again and again, or meditated or are repeated very often. I article I intended to explain the ways to do this and the results you can yield from it.

In the law of attraction the thoughts are creative, that means we think as if we already have particular thing. Law of attraction is similar to the law of gravity will attract things towards and is applicable on all, there are no exception to this law. In the same way when seed planted will germinate and bear fruit against all odds, law of attraction will work against all odds and for all.

Nothing in this universe is ever lost and nothing can be added to this universe, only the appearance changes. Everything is present but in the form of energy everything is energy, even simple thought, and it has destination in the universe, energy will always appear it will never disappear, and each thought has its effects. Good thought will make your day better and bad thought will spoil your day, forgiveness will make you wise, but on the other side holding grudge will make you stressed.  Thought not only show effects on your life but on the life of others too.

We are all always thinking, consciously or unconsciously and it actually needs a lot of practice to think about nothing at all for even few seconds per day. We need to master this and this practice demands lots and lots of practice. Many times people don’t pay attention to what they are thinking; they don’t even know their thoughts are positive or negative. Be conscious of this fact that we can guide thoughts and being conscious of this fact as much as possible is the key to controlling life events. Everything is present in this universe, new job, new dream house, dream car, dream vacations destination all you need to do is focus your thoughts in achieving your goal and not focusing why you are unable to achieve them.

Thoughts act from subconscious mind. (Read more about subconscious mind ) we have conscious and subconscious mind, conscious which allow us to think and subconscious where all things are stored. It controls the important functions of our body like breathing, heart pumping, digesting etc. Subconscious mind will work for all perform same functions, therefore, similar thoughts expressed or written – when repeated become fixed in our subconscious mind. From there they act upon our environment and create situation similar to our thoughts. Start your day saying I will late for work or I will experience something bad. Subconscious mind will listen to it and make things bad for you.

Positive thoughts:

Positive thought about certain situation, certain theme, certain event, certain emotion will bundle up. That makes them more powerful and they act better. When there are many thoughts about particular subject, they will become concentrated around that subject forming core. This core can further be fed with positive or negative thoughts or of both kind thoughts. Ultimate result will depend on the most powerful thought, positive or negative.
When any thought in the form of negative mental attitude it will attract its equivalent, which means negative things integrated in it. The opposite happens with positive core/ positive mental attitude. All thoughts that were once saved will remain in subconscious mind until we decide to delete them and meditate and focus on positive thoughts only. Thoughts always materialize; do not forget, until we consciously decide to change them.

Equivalent of thoughts are created in material world:

It is the law of nature that, each thing is in the form of energy, each thought will provoke a reaction in the real world. Suppose someone slapped you, your conscious thought will be slap that person back, but only subconscious mind can change this reaction. It’s a fact, that positive mental attitude will never provoke negative thought. Thoughts will always manifest themselves, but no one knows when will this happen.  The more a group of thought is fed with an idea of positivity, the stronger it will become. Each new idea with positive mental attitude will open new opportunities and ways.      

There are two fundamental thoughts: fear and love. When we are afraid there is no love. Fear can only be banned by love but not fear. Loving is broadest sense of the world, love can concur anything, but it’s impossible to ask us to love someone we actually do not love, cannot be forced. We can only say few affirmations for others we not love and bless them peace and prosperity for life but we cannot love them.

Love is always powerful tool:

Love is powerful than fear as the vibrations number is higher. We can choose for it at any time, it’s our choice to love or hate others. Thoughts fed with love have stronger power of realization.  Such thoughts correspond to the truth of our existence, such thoughts offer protection.


The importance of affirmations. Its only principle that refers to yourself to be the first person. It starts with “I” suppose “I am very strong, very powerful…….” Is considered to be very powerful. Using your own name in affirmation is also very strong. It’s said that it’s very effective for use to use our own name in any affirmation and manifest things fast. Suppose “X” person wants new job. They can affirm like “I X has now got selected for my dream job, interview went so well, I am joining my new office in next few days, thank you universe” meditate over these lines or repeat them often, apply for the dream job and experience things happening in practical, in this material world.

Forming an affirmation can also is done for others, but one cannot affirm for others without their permission and consent.  While forming any affirmation only thing that has to kept in mind is they should only be in positive words. You cannot manifest negative for you and for others. Law of nature, also called the law of attraction only works if desired results are benefiting you and others, you cannot harm anyone using that law of attraction. Bad will ultimately happen in your life.
Important thing to remember is that affirmations are always in present tense as if things have already happened in  your life, you cannot hope and wish for things to happen if you want law of attraction should work for you. For faster results don’t forgot to pay gratitude for the things you already have.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019



“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.”

This article focuses on the power of  breathing. How powerful normal breathing is which we often don’t notice. Just inhale and exhale of air is so important that we can even improve health issues and increase attention and focus.
Take few long breaths in and out, you feel the rise and fall of your chest. Breathing therapists and scientists says you’re doing this wrong. Breathing play crucial role to reduce stress, improve focus, and can even lower blood pressure and many other health issues. Breathing is the core of mindfulness practices, from Yoga and tai chi and meditation. Studies showed that following only breathing exercises along can be beneficial for body and mind both. Even though scientists have not answered what aspect of breathing is beneficial to health, the physical aspect of deep inhaling or the flushing of carbon dioxide or the relaxation.  And there is no definitive study to describe the relative contribution of each component.
Controlled breathing has benefited people from ancient times, says Hindu philosophy, activity called ParanĂ¡ where the one who practice this try and focus only on inhale and exhale of air. This activity relax both mind and body. Let’s further discuss about breathing and its benefits.

Relaxation and meditation technique   ( relies on breathing, breathing being common factor in all the approaches to calm mind and body. Nowadays, Yoga and Meditation are soaring popularity, government reported last year that number of young who practice Yoga and Meditation have jumped from 9.5% in 2012 to 18.7% in 2018. Even though there is rise in percentage but still it leaves behind huge percentage that are not into the practice of Yoga and Meditation. Might be there are also many who are taking benefits of deep breath in and out but are not in records.

Breathing is very important activity of subconscious mind (now what is subconscious mind you can open this link it happens every time but we don’t take record, when this important function of subconscious mind stops we will die for sure. Breathing is base of life, base of relaxation, base of connecting to the universe. Once we start noticing each inhale and exhale we bring conscious mind in work and allow subconscious mind to calm down and think only that which is positive and will give beautiful results. Breathing is also dictated by the automatic nervous system, centered in the brain stem.
Breathing is the only automatic system we can control via meditation. But the subconscious mind will always try to override our thoughtful efforts. But once this automatic system is under control and in turn affect other body functions like heartbeat, it alleviate anxiety and emotional stress and can even improve physical and cognitive health issues.

Back to belly breathing. (correct breathing technique)

Normal breathing at rest will rise belly and not chest. Just watch a sleeping baby. Chest breathing is useful says ROSA, but only when we need oxygen quickly. But today we are surrounded by too much stress that we often stay in tension. To relax during particular stressful moment, take 3 to 4 slow deep breaths, deep down to the belly to interrupt the fight or flight response.
At normal we breath 12 to16 times per minute. Deep breath means taking as much air as you can till the time you are unable to take more and as much you can. Lets talk about PRANAYAMA:
The basic belly breath of Pranayama goes like this: find comfortable place to sit or lie. Breath in through your nose fill your lungs from the bottom to up, first expanding the belly, than chest, and finally raising the color bone. Pause. Then gently exhale from the top to bottom, using your stomach muscles to push out the last of the air. Pause. Repeat. AND To develop rhythm you can count each step. Counting forces you to focus and sets you to measure improvement towards even longer breaths. Doing this means  you are at the verge of mindfulness meditation (find more about mindful meditation at the link even without trying.

You might be thinking this is easy to do, but actually Its not easy task to do. To open to the breathing, have control over subconscious mind, but regular practice will take you there. Its need consisted and dedicated practice. Be aware when you have become disturbed in any ways. To listen to and hear your own breath, you need to have inner peace. Not stressful thoughts running in your subconscious mind. While doing practice it will take every ounce of attention to possess to calm your mind. All you need is keep brining your mind in the practice of breathing and keeping note of each breath, don’t develop any communication with the thoughts of subconscious mind let them pass away.  Don’t even allow frustration to take over, any outside noise will keep to in the moment. Even steady breath will complete mindfulness in something to be satisfied with.
Never forgot that mind is elusive and very difficult to control. Which is why it’s best to approach the mind through the body when we demand change in our thoughts and ways of dealing stress. Don’t forget we cannot order our mind to stay positive during practice or in life. But we can breathe by breath, calm our mind grounded and open to many opportunities.
In the end I can say that controlled breathing will not only let you focus on activities but will eradicate any stress and tension. Any person trying to control anger will take deep breath several times and all the mental system that made him feel angry for any particular situation will calm down blood pressures will attain its normal flow final result anger is gone. Key to good health is deep breathing, key to meditation is controlled breathing, key to relaxation is deep breathing. That’s how important this automatic system is. We not only breath to live but also to attain unlimited benefits it offers. Meditation begins with having control over breath, brain calms and stressful thoughts are flushed off.
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