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THOUGHTS : process of reproduction

Thoughts : Process of Reproduction

In continuation to the last article “Divinity of Desire” in this article I will discuss my views how positive thoughts can help each one of us to reproduce our desires.
Like stone thrown in water create waves, likewise thoughts in mind produce waves from one center point spreading in circular form and increase vibrations and thus manifestation happens. To explain in simple words thoughts produce wave and vibrations like rays from the sun in all directions illuminating everything living or non living things.
As we are always surrounded by the sea of air around us, in the same way we are also surrounded by the great sea of MIND. Our thought waves moves across the universe, and in all directions. But these thought waves have qualities different from the water waves. They have characteristics of reproducing them self, whereas water waves disappear after some time. Therefore, they resemble sound waves rather than water waves. Just as a note of any musical instrument will cause thin glass to vibrate and “sing”, so will the strong thought tend to awaken similar vibrations in the mind. Sometimes “stray thoughts” that come to us are actually answering vibrations to some strong thoughts sent out by another. But unless our mind is aligned to receive it, the thoughts will not affect us. If we are thinking positive and great thoughts, our mind will acquire certain keynotes identical to the ideal thoughts we have been thinking. And, this keynotes once established, will catch vibrations of the others mind. We are actually, what we have thought of ourselves. Because every human being has general mental attitude and we receive only such thoughts as are in harmony with the general mental attitude held by us
The man who believes in himself and maintains positive / ideal thoughts and strong mental attitude of CONFIDENCE and DETERMINATION is not likely to be affected by the negative thoughts in any ways. At the same time if these negative or adverse thoughts reach our mental attitude and is pitched on a low key, will deepen his negative state and adds fuel to the fire, will serve to further smother the fire to his energy. Likewise the man who think of success will apt to get into tune with the mind of others thinking likewise, and they will help him and he them in achieving success.
You will be able to understand more clearly if you will think of your Smartphone and its Bluetooth feature, how it catches vibrations and help send and receive data and file from and to people you personally want to share and receive from. The same feature applies to the law of attraction laws and thus thoughts. We receive only that what our mental attitude is identical with.  Our mind has many degrees of pitch, ranging from positive note to the lowest note, with many notes in-between, varying in frequency according to their respective distance from the positive or negative ideal thought.
When our mind create only positive notes we feel strong, cheerful, energetic, joyful, happy, fresh, courageous and are happy to do work, to carry out intentions, and progress on the path of success. On the other side it’s different when we are thinking negative thoughts.
Some people are so positive in their thoughts that people are attracted with the aura they spread around, such people have different glow and charm in their appearances, they attract people like magnet with only few words spoken and people starts following them. Think about ‘GAUTAM BUDDHA’.  I will cover and write about Gautam Buddha and in teachings in my upcoming articles.
We are humans and we are either positive or negative to others, we have relations  with. We may be positive to people we like and negative to our competitors that’s human nature. We can’t hold same views and feelings for all, but yes we can control our negative thought and think actually nothing for whom we have negative thoughts, why not let them and yourself free from negative thoughts and think only positive for those we have similar mental attitude. It’s not mandatory to think about all it’s our inner feelings we can skip thinking negative and release only positive vibrations into the universe, that’s what law of attraction says and works on. Many times it happens that something occurs and we will suddenly become more positive for the man or women to whom we were negative. We frequently see such changes in us with controlled subconscious mind thoughts.  And it’s only us who possess the power to either raise or lower the frequency of our thoughts positive or negative. But reality is there are more people on the negative plane than on the positive plane, and therefore, there are more negative thought vibrations in operation in mental atmosphere. But  good news is we can balance this situation, by the fact that positive thought vibrations are much more powerful than negative thought vibrations.
In conclusion, I will end this article with a simple suggestion, do not allow yourself to be affected by the adverse and negative thoughts of those around us, instead rise to the upper part of your mental dwelling, and key yourself up to the strong pitch. Then you will not only immune to negative thoughts but raise your personal aura too.

Thanks, love and peace to all readers.  

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