Monday, August 19, 2019

The Universal law, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION

The Law of Attraction
I’ll start this article with simple lines “YOU CREATE EVERTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU”. This means, in whatever situation you are today good or bad you have created this for you in your thoughts sometimes in the past. If you are not well suppose, you have some health issues or not sound with finances. Trust me, your thoughts revolve around it so your condition remains same.  Let’s understand first instance that your not well health wise and improvement is also slow even though your undergoing best treatment, now what you do in real is, whenever someone ask you about health you never reply I am improving, or medicines you are taking are showing positive results, but instant you always talk and share how you suffered and in THE LAW OF ATTRACTION word like NO and NOT are not understood… talk about something you do not want and believe me that will come to you  on its own. Because you talked about something do not like and created and released thought vibration revolving something you do not want but universe do  not understand word  NOT, here you are actually attracting that thing, you have noticed when ever you start your day saying today I do not want to be late for my work there should be not traffics and no red lights on my way, now what actually happen is you find traffic you have to wait for green light because not word has no meaning in this law, this is how it works. Just change your thoughts things will start happening in your favor on its own.
Or simply start your days adding this line in your daily prayer. THANK YOU GOD FOR BLESSING ME WITH THE HEALTH AND PROSPEROUS LIFE, I AM IMPROVING EVERYDAY AND FEELING BETTER NOW. When you are suffering and likewise for other situations. Apply this simple rule and notice improvement comeback on this blog and share your experience.
What happen in law of attracting is “whatever you thing starts a vibration that influence how you feel, impact what you attract and creates your reality.” So why not choose your thoughts wisely?
Now many of the readers will ask does the law of attraction work for all?
Yes, it works for all, anyone who is breathing and living on this planet earth. The Law of attraction is like law of gravity, always there and working for all, you do not need to master it’s philosophy and understand how it works all you have to believe in is, it is there and always in practice. Have wise thoughts and see how it works and show results in your life, change your inside because whatever is there is within you all. Even god in part of you, god in within you. You like someone and you do not like some other person, both these wise and unwise thoughts for different person are within you. The  Law of attraction will work when u will have wise thoughts , remember you cannot hurt or do injustice with others because now you know your thoughts are powerful enough to change life. You can only change yourself indeed you have no right to change others.  Changing others is possible only by showing change in youself.
So, the law of attraction is all about our thoughts and POSTIVE thoughts. The law of attraction is about manifesting, and that means making things happen in your mind, make your subconscious mind believe that this is what reality is and subconscious mind knows no difference between what is happening in real and only in mind. Once your subconscious mind get aliened with your thought vibration, than magic begins to happen and it happens every day and every second.

World know about it and understand it. And it’s just not a modern day philosophy ….
5200 years ago lord KRISHNA said: “when a person is devoted to something with complete faith, I unify his faith in that. Then, when his faith is completely unified, he gains the object of his devotion.”
2500 plus years ago BUDDHA said: “what we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind.”
1400 years ago the Prophet Muhammad, said, “actions are judged by intentions, so each mind will have what he intended.”
We use the law of attraction all the time in our life and each one of us is using this law intentionally or unintentionally. We are out  for shopping we will end our shopping with the things that attracted us and not the things which sales men was praising about or focusing on. When out for shopping never say I can’t afford that things it’s too expensive, trust me you can never afford that in life just change your thoughts and say next time I will but it, under this situation that thing will remain in your mind and you will start saving or working hard to buy it, like wise you are attracting that towards you. Now please do  not come up with question like: what if someone else will buy before we are I position to buy it?
The only thing that is must for the law of attraction to work for me for you and all of us is to have thoughts that are real and acceptable to universe for us all. You cannot have thoughts of becoming scientist or doctor when are studying commerce or arts.
The law of attraction is not about wishing things it Is about using structured thought to create the outcome you desire. Just like calming you mind with meditation as I discussed in my previous blog will end you stress, depression, fear, anxiety and all pain in life.
Now please don’t judge it, just observe. Keep something inside you, revolve your thoughts around it and release vibration in universe in experience magic happening in your life.
That all for this blog, very simple explanation about the law of attraction, each reader on this blog is expected to visit this blog time and again.
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Have a nice TIME AHEAD
Love and peace for all

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