Friday, August 16, 2019

Meditation (Simple Understanding)


Let’s today understand what is meditation, In my words and myths about meditation and by the end I will share one simple type of meditation for all those how want to start meditation or those who are unable to focus and control thoughts of subconscious mind while mediating.
Meditation is space between you and your body, between me and my body, and it has power to end sufferings, both mental and physical sufferings of anyone, meditation will show same results for all sooner or later. Now many will ask what is difference between both mental and physical sufferings? Mental sufferings are those which are result of our thoughts for others, our negative thoughts, anger, our grudges, liking and disliking for others, that’s what we think inside about others and we show something else outside, on the other hand physical sufferings are like any serious disease one is suffering from, or any other kind of medical problem.
How meditation can improve our medical problem many readers must have this thought while reading, I am right? Actually it has been scientifically proved that, mind that meditate has stronger immunity than that mind that doesn’t meditate. , meditating mind respond to medical treatment much more early than non meditating mind.  You can find enough reports on internet stating scientific benefits of doing meditation.
Now how it is done and what are myths about meditation?
Few people think closing eyes and sitting at a calm place means doing meditation even I use to thing same until I read book “Powers of Meditation”. We close eyes for many other reasons possibly all of us know those reasons.  There is a myth about meditation that  those who practice meditation will get rich, no this not true they won’t get rich by doing only meditation but yes controlled subconscious mind will  now produce more productive ideas  and these ideas can make them rich. Meditation will increase construction therefore more focused mind will help getting more positive results.
Many speakers on meditation say one should meditate for at least 20minutes per day but I would say starting with even for 5minutes is more than enough you can increase this time when you will start noticing thoughts getting controlled. 
How you will know your thoughts are in control?
When you will sit for meditation relax your body and close our eyes, your subconscious mind will come in role flood your mind with many productive and non productive thoughts. Let’s understand this with example and you can experience this while reading this article
Step 1 relax your body there should be no stiffness in any part of the body.
Step 2 close your eyes, now you’re ready to start meditation and experience something unique I am talking about but before that read step 4.
Step 4 take 4 – 5 deep breaths hold for 2seconds each and release from mouth. Now follow normal breathing(in- out from nose close your mouth now) process and notice each inhale and exhale of air.
Now what you must have noticed your subconscious mind must not have allowed you to focus on normal inhale and exhale process. Many thoughts would have came in mind like take for example: oh! I need to cook.
Oh! I was suppose to call my friend.
Oh! My boss asked me to do that particular work and tomorrow is deadline and many such thoughts. What many of you must have  done is started mind communication  and not let these thoughts pass away and I am sure all beginners must have all together forgotten that you people were supposed to notice inhale and exhale of air coming and going out and notice that little pause between each inhale and exhale.

How it ends sufferings?
Suppose now you have started doing meditation  and you practice it regularly. What you will notice after some time, this time will vary from person to person. It can take few days for some and few months for others. But yes for sure regular practice will let you experience this wonderful experience I will talk about now.
You will experience your body is here, your mind is out there, where are you is somewhere else. When you will experience something like this your sufferings will end. In Simple words like we scan out gadgets for any spam and virus and clean our gadgets for proper speed and space for new and updated applications we have to clean our mind for more and more productive and focused thoughts. This practice is for all there is no age limit or time limit but regular practice will let you experience abundance in life.

Small meditation practice for all beginners and new in the wonderful world of meditation.
Find and quiet place relax your body, power off all your gadgets, close your eyes and notice the process of breathing and notice each gap between each inhale and exhale of air, concentrate how air reaches inside of your body , if it reaches till the end of stomach or only till lungs, because many time air reach the base, hence breathing will be long and many times only till lungs and breathing will be short. Any thought that come in your subconscious mind let them pass away do not hold them and start focusing on them.
But please do this only when you are doing any work like on machine or driving better practice this only when you are at home or in park.    
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