Thursday, August 8, 2019

Dream full life

I AM SORRY                                                                                                  PLEASE FORGIVE ME

Introduction to this BLOG and BLOGGER NEELAM
Hello! Everyone, I am NEELAM starting this blog with some basic and deep information and knowledge about “living Life Full of Dreams” many of you will ask is this possible to live life we dream daily?
I will say yes it is possible and we can in fact, we should. With each blog on this page I will help readers to open doors of their sub conscious mind and clear clutter to live free, each dream getting manifested, healthy, wealthy and life with unlimited abundance.
All I want to say is, our thoughts play crucial role in the way we are living our present life either its happy or full of worries. You have created this situation for you, with your thoughts and e-motions and feelings, because everything comes from inside of you and me nothing is outside of you or me. Let us clear this with one simple example:
               Lets talk about smokers for a moment, active smoker or passive smoker.  Each person who                                                                                                                                       smokes thinks about chronic/ ill effects of smoking in conscious and sub conscious mind what can happen to his or her body if they continue smoking. As a result, such people can suffer from any of the following mentioned disease like heart disease, cardiovascular disease, blood clots, brain bursts, lungs disease asthma and many more in list. But still such people choose to smoke and ultimately suffer, those people are just giving light to his or her thoughts and running towards the end of life. This situation such people are in, have experienced their thoughts. So why not change our ways and thoughts and live healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.
Back to the topic: From last few couple of months I am reading lot about law of attraction, Art of Living, Cosmic Energies and list is long. I gained a lot from reading and changed my own ways of thoughts and want to share with all readers via this blog. I can say this with 100% guarantee we are all capable of living happy and prosperous life, that too, only and only with the way we think. What actually thought mean for me before reading all about these topics I mentioned in this article ‘thoughts were just ways we thing about others or situation or anything we are experiencing that can be positive or negative’ now I can say this is very narrow understanding of this word but “thought”  actually means what are the kind of vibrations we are actually realizing in the universe to get manifested and universe act for us like jinni of aladeen ka chirag “yours words my command”. Let’s now simplify this with every day situation from our daily life, or you can just re call from your subconscious mind. Let’s begin to understand:  start your day with 5 or 10 min late from your daily schedule. You have to do this to understand better. Now, I am giving you all 2 option to choose from and be with those thoughts only.

Option 1 : so what if I am late by 5 or 10 mins, I will cover this time and be on time again
                   99% chances you will cover and be on time.
Option 2 : oh! No I am late 5 – 10 mins, I’ll be late for office, school or college or where ever you want to go.
                  100% chances you will be late.
But again expectation are always there.
I just hope you got your answer or were able to recall this situation from past if ever you where in this situation. From this you can understand everything was inside your thoughts, inside your subconscious mind nothing was outside of you so stay positive and live positive. Our thoughts release vibration into the universe and our thoughts get converted into reality. We all are capable enough to change our time and situation we are in, with just the way we think about that particular moment. Even the page of next 5mins coming in your way is left empty by god why not fill with positive thoughts and fill your inside with positive vibrations. 
Simple words with deep meaning just give your thoughts and valuable time to double think. In my next blog I will clear what conscious and sub conscious mind are and how power full our subconscious mind is, its even power full than any super computer ever created.
Thanks for now enjoy your life  and change your thoughts.

THANK YOU                                                                                                                I LOVE YOU  

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