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When we begin to desire a thing, to wish for it with all our heart, we begin to establish relationship with it to the strength and persistency of our longing and intelligent effort to realize it. But the problem with us is, we thing much in the material side of life than the ideal. We should learn to thing mentally in the ideal which we wish to make real. If we want, for example, to keep healthy, we should live in the mental state of being healthy. The advantage of living in the ideal is that all imperfections are eliminated.
In the ideal everything is beautiful and youthful; there is no ugliness. The habit of living in the ideal, therefore, helps us wonderfully as it gives the pattern of the perfection for which we are wishing. It increases the hope and faith, because in our vision we see the glimpses of the reality which we feel must sometime, somewhere, be ours. We are happy, when day dreaming because we are living our world of thoughts and imagination, it has no limits, we create things for us as per our desires. So Never stop dreaming and thinking positive.
The habit of thinking and asserting things as we would like to have them, or as they ought to be, and claiming our wholeness and completeness – believing that we cannot lack any as we are one with all good and best. Hold ideal that you want to be and get, hold the ideal of your efficiency and wholeness and strangle every disease image. Never allow yourself to dwell upon the weakness, or failures. Holding firmly the ideal and struggling vigorously to attain it will help you to realize it. Don’t forget there is tremendous power in the habit of expectancy; that our dreams will come true. There is no more uplifting habit than that of bearing a hopeful attitude, of believing that things are going to change in your favor, that   we are going to succeed and not fail; that no matter what may and may not happen, we are going to be happy.
Believe with all your heart that you will do what you were made to do. Never doubt it, drive it out of your mind if it seeks entrance. Entertain only the friendly thoughts or ideals of the things you are determined to achieve. Reject all thought enemies, all discouraging moods. Only hold optimistic attitude regarding you ideal future. You will be surprised to see how you will grow in all your faculties, and how you will improve generally.
A mind so trained to hold only positive thoughts would always be in a condition to exercise its maximum power and overcome in harmony, unkindness and enemies of our peace, comfort and success. The very habit of expecting that future is full of good things for you, that you are going to be prosperous and happy, that you will have nice family, beautiful home and going to stand for something, is the best kind of capital to begin with.
Many people allow their desires and longings to fade out. They do not realize that the very intensity and persistency of desire increases the power to realize their dreams. We are always increasing or decreasing our efficiency by the quality and nature of our thoughts, emotions and feelings we hold. If we could hold only the positive and ideal of wholeness and think of our self as perfect human beings, any tendency to decrease anywhere would be neutralized by its restorative healing force. Think and say only that which you desire to become true. Never for instance admit that you are sick, weak, or ill unless you wish to experience these conditions. If you wish to improve yourself, visualize as vividly as possible and hold that ideal calm your mind and train it to have controlled thoughts, meditation play vital role in the law of attraction.
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Miracles are part of life and happening every now and then, here and there, in others life than why not in your life. Change your thoughts release positive vibrations into the universe and experience miracles happening in your life. Next page of life for each one of us is kept empty by GOD, why not fill it with what you want should happen in life.

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Love and Peace for all.

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