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2 Powerful Ways to Reschedule/ Reprogram/Resat SUBCONSCIOUS MIND

2 Powerful Ways to Reschedule / Reprogram / Reset  SUBCONSCIOUS MIND
“you are like captain navigating a ship. He must give the right orders, and likewise, you must give right orders (thoughts and images) to your subconscious mind which control and governs all your experiences.” ~ DR. JOSEPH MURPHY
I have already published an article explaining what CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS MIND  is, an article published on  11, August 2019 new readers on this page can read that article for better understanding of this article.
Before starting with the techniques how you can reprogram / reschedule and reset your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND
I would like to ask simple questions:
Is your life on track?
Are you moving in the right direction?
Is your subconscious mind and conscious mind aliened to help you achieve success in every area of your life?
Now, There are several ways to reschedule the subconscious mind. In this article I will explore two powerful and effective ways. These ways are  AFFIRMATIONS  and  MEDITATION.
Limited and negative thoughts can be reprogrammed with these two powerful techniques. Remember subconscious mind learn through repetition. Like a small child learn and follow repeated words.  Now what is affirmation?  In simple language it’s a definitive statement asserting that something already exists or is true. Everything you possess is formed through repetition. Try try and try again , practice makes man perfect , we learn with mistakes these are all examples of POWER of repetition. The initial thing toward implanting new belief and developing new habit is to know exactly what you want to have or achieve. Now let’s explore affirmation.
Affirmation are an effective and simple way to implant positive messages into your subconscious mind like someone being shifted to hospital in critical health conditions, the one who accompany implant positive belief in the subconscious mind of self and patients stating and repeating your are alright we are almost near hospital and will get medical help soon. Under such condition subconscious mind take that order and help patient hold that positive affirmation and not lose hope. All I want to state here is You must be careful of what you affirm as it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. You cannot harm others with negative affirmation for others, it will show ill effects on you. You can only change you and your belief system with this technique or any other technique to achieve success and gain wisdom.
Repetition of an affirmation changes the neural pathways in the brain over time to produce the new belief. Dr. MONA LISA SCHULZ, MD, PhD, once stated,” we can rewire the patterns in our brain with cognitive behavioral therapy or affirmation, affirmation change the way our brains are wired and the brain lights up differently.”
Here are few example of affirmation:
1)    I am a genius and use my mind, talents, gifts and abilities to produce wealth.
2)   I am living a life divine purpose and destiny.
3)   I am emotionally, mentally and psychologically sound.
You can also make your own affirmations as per the conditions and circumstances you are in.
Technique 2 MEDITATION
Meditation play a vital role in rescheduling the subconscious mind, because it helps to calm and still the mind. In this state, your brain becomes more receptive; its becomes fertile ground for whatever you want to “implant” into the mind. Your conscious mind engages in the activities of writing powerful goals, creating a vision state, and developing affirmation. To have those seeds take root and flourish into reality, we have to get those words and images soaked deep into our subconscious mind. Placing yourself in a meditative state is an excellent way to help that process. Regular meditation trains your mind to hold its focus and clear all clutter from the mind.
That’s , all for this article in my next article I will brief about what meditation is and what it is not? and also clear misunderstanding regarding how its done and what you can achieve with regular meditation.
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