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THOUGHTS : process of reproduction

Thoughts : Process of Reproduction

In continuation to the last article “Divinity of Desire” in this article I will discuss my views how positive thoughts can help each one of us to reproduce our desires.
Like stone thrown in water create waves, likewise thoughts in mind produce waves from one center point spreading in circular form and increase vibrations and thus manifestation happens. To explain in simple words thoughts produce wave and vibrations like rays from the sun in all directions illuminating everything living or non living things.
As we are always surrounded by the sea of air around us, in the same way we are also surrounded by the great sea of MIND. Our thought waves moves across the universe, and in all directions. But these thought waves have qualities different from the water waves. They have characteristics of reproducing them self, whereas water waves disappear after some time. Therefore, they resemble sound waves rather than water waves. Just as a note of any musical instrument will cause thin glass to vibrate and “sing”, so will the strong thought tend to awaken similar vibrations in the mind. Sometimes “stray thoughts” that come to us are actually answering vibrations to some strong thoughts sent out by another. But unless our mind is aligned to receive it, the thoughts will not affect us. If we are thinking positive and great thoughts, our mind will acquire certain keynotes identical to the ideal thoughts we have been thinking. And, this keynotes once established, will catch vibrations of the others mind. We are actually, what we have thought of ourselves. Because every human being has general mental attitude and we receive only such thoughts as are in harmony with the general mental attitude held by us
The man who believes in himself and maintains positive / ideal thoughts and strong mental attitude of CONFIDENCE and DETERMINATION is not likely to be affected by the negative thoughts in any ways. At the same time if these negative or adverse thoughts reach our mental attitude and is pitched on a low key, will deepen his negative state and adds fuel to the fire, will serve to further smother the fire to his energy. Likewise the man who think of success will apt to get into tune with the mind of others thinking likewise, and they will help him and he them in achieving success.
You will be able to understand more clearly if you will think of your Smartphone and its Bluetooth feature, how it catches vibrations and help send and receive data and file from and to people you personally want to share and receive from. The same feature applies to the law of attraction laws and thus thoughts. We receive only that what our mental attitude is identical with.  Our mind has many degrees of pitch, ranging from positive note to the lowest note, with many notes in-between, varying in frequency according to their respective distance from the positive or negative ideal thought.
When our mind create only positive notes we feel strong, cheerful, energetic, joyful, happy, fresh, courageous and are happy to do work, to carry out intentions, and progress on the path of success. On the other side it’s different when we are thinking negative thoughts.
Some people are so positive in their thoughts that people are attracted with the aura they spread around, such people have different glow and charm in their appearances, they attract people like magnet with only few words spoken and people starts following them. Think about ‘GAUTAM BUDDHA’.  I will cover and write about Gautam Buddha and in teachings in my upcoming articles.
We are humans and we are either positive or negative to others, we have relations  with. We may be positive to people we like and negative to our competitors that’s human nature. We can’t hold same views and feelings for all, but yes we can control our negative thought and think actually nothing for whom we have negative thoughts, why not let them and yourself free from negative thoughts and think only positive for those we have similar mental attitude. It’s not mandatory to think about all it’s our inner feelings we can skip thinking negative and release only positive vibrations into the universe, that’s what law of attraction says and works on. Many times it happens that something occurs and we will suddenly become more positive for the man or women to whom we were negative. We frequently see such changes in us with controlled subconscious mind thoughts.  And it’s only us who possess the power to either raise or lower the frequency of our thoughts positive or negative. But reality is there are more people on the negative plane than on the positive plane, and therefore, there are more negative thought vibrations in operation in mental atmosphere. But  good news is we can balance this situation, by the fact that positive thought vibrations are much more powerful than negative thought vibrations.
In conclusion, I will end this article with a simple suggestion, do not allow yourself to be affected by the adverse and negative thoughts of those around us, instead rise to the upper part of your mental dwelling, and key yourself up to the strong pitch. Then you will not only immune to negative thoughts but raise your personal aura too.

Thanks, love and peace to all readers.  

Saturday, August 24, 2019


When we begin to desire a thing, to wish for it with all our heart, we begin to establish relationship with it to the strength and persistency of our longing and intelligent effort to realize it. But the problem with us is, we thing much in the material side of life than the ideal. We should learn to thing mentally in the ideal which we wish to make real. If we want, for example, to keep healthy, we should live in the mental state of being healthy. The advantage of living in the ideal is that all imperfections are eliminated.
In the ideal everything is beautiful and youthful; there is no ugliness. The habit of living in the ideal, therefore, helps us wonderfully as it gives the pattern of the perfection for which we are wishing. It increases the hope and faith, because in our vision we see the glimpses of the reality which we feel must sometime, somewhere, be ours. We are happy, when day dreaming because we are living our world of thoughts and imagination, it has no limits, we create things for us as per our desires. So Never stop dreaming and thinking positive.
The habit of thinking and asserting things as we would like to have them, or as they ought to be, and claiming our wholeness and completeness – believing that we cannot lack any as we are one with all good and best. Hold ideal that you want to be and get, hold the ideal of your efficiency and wholeness and strangle every disease image. Never allow yourself to dwell upon the weakness, or failures. Holding firmly the ideal and struggling vigorously to attain it will help you to realize it. Don’t forget there is tremendous power in the habit of expectancy; that our dreams will come true. There is no more uplifting habit than that of bearing a hopeful attitude, of believing that things are going to change in your favor, that   we are going to succeed and not fail; that no matter what may and may not happen, we are going to be happy.
Believe with all your heart that you will do what you were made to do. Never doubt it, drive it out of your mind if it seeks entrance. Entertain only the friendly thoughts or ideals of the things you are determined to achieve. Reject all thought enemies, all discouraging moods. Only hold optimistic attitude regarding you ideal future. You will be surprised to see how you will grow in all your faculties, and how you will improve generally.
A mind so trained to hold only positive thoughts would always be in a condition to exercise its maximum power and overcome in harmony, unkindness and enemies of our peace, comfort and success. The very habit of expecting that future is full of good things for you, that you are going to be prosperous and happy, that you will have nice family, beautiful home and going to stand for something, is the best kind of capital to begin with.
Many people allow their desires and longings to fade out. They do not realize that the very intensity and persistency of desire increases the power to realize their dreams. We are always increasing or decreasing our efficiency by the quality and nature of our thoughts, emotions and feelings we hold. If we could hold only the positive and ideal of wholeness and think of our self as perfect human beings, any tendency to decrease anywhere would be neutralized by its restorative healing force. Think and say only that which you desire to become true. Never for instance admit that you are sick, weak, or ill unless you wish to experience these conditions. If you wish to improve yourself, visualize as vividly as possible and hold that ideal calm your mind and train it to have controlled thoughts, meditation play vital role in the law of attraction.
You can understand and learn simple meditation from my earlier blog @
Miracles are part of life and happening every now and then, here and there, in others life than why not in your life. Change your thoughts release positive vibrations into the universe and experience miracles happening in your life. Next page of life for each one of us is kept empty by GOD, why not fill it with what you want should happen in life.

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Love and Peace for all.

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The Universal law, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION

The Law of Attraction
I’ll start this article with simple lines “YOU CREATE EVERTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU”. This means, in whatever situation you are today good or bad you have created this for you in your thoughts sometimes in the past. If you are not well suppose, you have some health issues or not sound with finances. Trust me, your thoughts revolve around it so your condition remains same.  Let’s understand first instance that your not well health wise and improvement is also slow even though your undergoing best treatment, now what you do in real is, whenever someone ask you about health you never reply I am improving, or medicines you are taking are showing positive results, but instant you always talk and share how you suffered and in THE LAW OF ATTRACTION word like NO and NOT are not understood… talk about something you do not want and believe me that will come to you  on its own. Because you talked about something do not like and created and released thought vibration revolving something you do not want but universe do  not understand word  NOT, here you are actually attracting that thing, you have noticed when ever you start your day saying today I do not want to be late for my work there should be not traffics and no red lights on my way, now what actually happen is you find traffic you have to wait for green light because not word has no meaning in this law, this is how it works. Just change your thoughts things will start happening in your favor on its own.
Or simply start your days adding this line in your daily prayer. THANK YOU GOD FOR BLESSING ME WITH THE HEALTH AND PROSPEROUS LIFE, I AM IMPROVING EVERYDAY AND FEELING BETTER NOW. When you are suffering and likewise for other situations. Apply this simple rule and notice improvement comeback on this blog and share your experience.
What happen in law of attracting is “whatever you thing starts a vibration that influence how you feel, impact what you attract and creates your reality.” So why not choose your thoughts wisely?
Now many of the readers will ask does the law of attraction work for all?
Yes, it works for all, anyone who is breathing and living on this planet earth. The Law of attraction is like law of gravity, always there and working for all, you do not need to master it’s philosophy and understand how it works all you have to believe in is, it is there and always in practice. Have wise thoughts and see how it works and show results in your life, change your inside because whatever is there is within you all. Even god in part of you, god in within you. You like someone and you do not like some other person, both these wise and unwise thoughts for different person are within you. The  Law of attraction will work when u will have wise thoughts , remember you cannot hurt or do injustice with others because now you know your thoughts are powerful enough to change life. You can only change yourself indeed you have no right to change others.  Changing others is possible only by showing change in youself.
So, the law of attraction is all about our thoughts and POSTIVE thoughts. The law of attraction is about manifesting, and that means making things happen in your mind, make your subconscious mind believe that this is what reality is and subconscious mind knows no difference between what is happening in real and only in mind. Once your subconscious mind get aliened with your thought vibration, than magic begins to happen and it happens every day and every second.

World know about it and understand it. And it’s just not a modern day philosophy ….
5200 years ago lord KRISHNA said: “when a person is devoted to something with complete faith, I unify his faith in that. Then, when his faith is completely unified, he gains the object of his devotion.”
2500 plus years ago BUDDHA said: “what we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind.”
1400 years ago the Prophet Muhammad, said, “actions are judged by intentions, so each mind will have what he intended.”
We use the law of attraction all the time in our life and each one of us is using this law intentionally or unintentionally. We are out  for shopping we will end our shopping with the things that attracted us and not the things which sales men was praising about or focusing on. When out for shopping never say I can’t afford that things it’s too expensive, trust me you can never afford that in life just change your thoughts and say next time I will but it, under this situation that thing will remain in your mind and you will start saving or working hard to buy it, like wise you are attracting that towards you. Now please do  not come up with question like: what if someone else will buy before we are I position to buy it?
The only thing that is must for the law of attraction to work for me for you and all of us is to have thoughts that are real and acceptable to universe for us all. You cannot have thoughts of becoming scientist or doctor when are studying commerce or arts.
The law of attraction is not about wishing things it Is about using structured thought to create the outcome you desire. Just like calming you mind with meditation as I discussed in my previous blog will end you stress, depression, fear, anxiety and all pain in life.
Now please don’t judge it, just observe. Keep something inside you, revolve your thoughts around it and release vibration in universe in experience magic happening in your life.
That all for this blog, very simple explanation about the law of attraction, each reader on this blog is expected to visit this blog time and again.
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Friday, August 16, 2019

Meditation (Simple Understanding)


Let’s today understand what is meditation, In my words and myths about meditation and by the end I will share one simple type of meditation for all those how want to start meditation or those who are unable to focus and control thoughts of subconscious mind while mediating.
Meditation is space between you and your body, between me and my body, and it has power to end sufferings, both mental and physical sufferings of anyone, meditation will show same results for all sooner or later. Now many will ask what is difference between both mental and physical sufferings? Mental sufferings are those which are result of our thoughts for others, our negative thoughts, anger, our grudges, liking and disliking for others, that’s what we think inside about others and we show something else outside, on the other hand physical sufferings are like any serious disease one is suffering from, or any other kind of medical problem.
How meditation can improve our medical problem many readers must have this thought while reading, I am right? Actually it has been scientifically proved that, mind that meditate has stronger immunity than that mind that doesn’t meditate. , meditating mind respond to medical treatment much more early than non meditating mind.  You can find enough reports on internet stating scientific benefits of doing meditation.
Now how it is done and what are myths about meditation?
Few people think closing eyes and sitting at a calm place means doing meditation even I use to thing same until I read book “Powers of Meditation”. We close eyes for many other reasons possibly all of us know those reasons.  There is a myth about meditation that  those who practice meditation will get rich, no this not true they won’t get rich by doing only meditation but yes controlled subconscious mind will  now produce more productive ideas  and these ideas can make them rich. Meditation will increase construction therefore more focused mind will help getting more positive results.
Many speakers on meditation say one should meditate for at least 20minutes per day but I would say starting with even for 5minutes is more than enough you can increase this time when you will start noticing thoughts getting controlled. 
How you will know your thoughts are in control?
When you will sit for meditation relax your body and close our eyes, your subconscious mind will come in role flood your mind with many productive and non productive thoughts. Let’s understand this with example and you can experience this while reading this article
Step 1 relax your body there should be no stiffness in any part of the body.
Step 2 close your eyes, now you’re ready to start meditation and experience something unique I am talking about but before that read step 4.
Step 4 take 4 – 5 deep breaths hold for 2seconds each and release from mouth. Now follow normal breathing(in- out from nose close your mouth now) process and notice each inhale and exhale of air.
Now what you must have noticed your subconscious mind must not have allowed you to focus on normal inhale and exhale process. Many thoughts would have came in mind like take for example: oh! I need to cook.
Oh! I was suppose to call my friend.
Oh! My boss asked me to do that particular work and tomorrow is deadline and many such thoughts. What many of you must have  done is started mind communication  and not let these thoughts pass away and I am sure all beginners must have all together forgotten that you people were supposed to notice inhale and exhale of air coming and going out and notice that little pause between each inhale and exhale.

How it ends sufferings?
Suppose now you have started doing meditation  and you practice it regularly. What you will notice after some time, this time will vary from person to person. It can take few days for some and few months for others. But yes for sure regular practice will let you experience this wonderful experience I will talk about now.
You will experience your body is here, your mind is out there, where are you is somewhere else. When you will experience something like this your sufferings will end. In Simple words like we scan out gadgets for any spam and virus and clean our gadgets for proper speed and space for new and updated applications we have to clean our mind for more and more productive and focused thoughts. This practice is for all there is no age limit or time limit but regular practice will let you experience abundance in life.

Small meditation practice for all beginners and new in the wonderful world of meditation.
Find and quiet place relax your body, power off all your gadgets, close your eyes and notice the process of breathing and notice each gap between each inhale and exhale of air, concentrate how air reaches inside of your body , if it reaches till the end of stomach or only till lungs, because many time air reach the base, hence breathing will be long and many times only till lungs and breathing will be short. Any thought that come in your subconscious mind let them pass away do not hold them and start focusing on them.
But please do this only when you are doing any work like on machine or driving better practice this only when you are at home or in park.    
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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

2 Powerful Ways to Reschedule/ Reprogram/Resat SUBCONSCIOUS MIND

2 Powerful Ways to Reschedule / Reprogram / Reset  SUBCONSCIOUS MIND
“you are like captain navigating a ship. He must give the right orders, and likewise, you must give right orders (thoughts and images) to your subconscious mind which control and governs all your experiences.” ~ DR. JOSEPH MURPHY
I have already published an article explaining what CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS MIND  is, an article published on  11, August 2019 new readers on this page can read that article for better understanding of this article.
Before starting with the techniques how you can reprogram / reschedule and reset your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND
I would like to ask simple questions:
Is your life on track?
Are you moving in the right direction?
Is your subconscious mind and conscious mind aliened to help you achieve success in every area of your life?
Now, There are several ways to reschedule the subconscious mind. In this article I will explore two powerful and effective ways. These ways are  AFFIRMATIONS  and  MEDITATION.
Limited and negative thoughts can be reprogrammed with these two powerful techniques. Remember subconscious mind learn through repetition. Like a small child learn and follow repeated words.  Now what is affirmation?  In simple language it’s a definitive statement asserting that something already exists or is true. Everything you possess is formed through repetition. Try try and try again , practice makes man perfect , we learn with mistakes these are all examples of POWER of repetition. The initial thing toward implanting new belief and developing new habit is to know exactly what you want to have or achieve. Now let’s explore affirmation.
Affirmation are an effective and simple way to implant positive messages into your subconscious mind like someone being shifted to hospital in critical health conditions, the one who accompany implant positive belief in the subconscious mind of self and patients stating and repeating your are alright we are almost near hospital and will get medical help soon. Under such condition subconscious mind take that order and help patient hold that positive affirmation and not lose hope. All I want to state here is You must be careful of what you affirm as it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. You cannot harm others with negative affirmation for others, it will show ill effects on you. You can only change you and your belief system with this technique or any other technique to achieve success and gain wisdom.
Repetition of an affirmation changes the neural pathways in the brain over time to produce the new belief. Dr. MONA LISA SCHULZ, MD, PhD, once stated,” we can rewire the patterns in our brain with cognitive behavioral therapy or affirmation, affirmation change the way our brains are wired and the brain lights up differently.”
Here are few example of affirmation:
1)    I am a genius and use my mind, talents, gifts and abilities to produce wealth.
2)   I am living a life divine purpose and destiny.
3)   I am emotionally, mentally and psychologically sound.
You can also make your own affirmations as per the conditions and circumstances you are in.
Technique 2 MEDITATION
Meditation play a vital role in rescheduling the subconscious mind, because it helps to calm and still the mind. In this state, your brain becomes more receptive; its becomes fertile ground for whatever you want to “implant” into the mind. Your conscious mind engages in the activities of writing powerful goals, creating a vision state, and developing affirmation. To have those seeds take root and flourish into reality, we have to get those words and images soaked deep into our subconscious mind. Placing yourself in a meditative state is an excellent way to help that process. Regular meditation trains your mind to hold its focus and clear all clutter from the mind.
That’s , all for this article in my next article I will brief about what meditation is and what it is not? and also clear misunderstanding regarding how its done and what you can achieve with regular meditation.
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Conscious and subconscious Mind

Conscious - Subconscious Mind
Conscious mind is that part of your mind that is responsible for:
 1) Analyzes,
2) Thinks and plans
3) Short term memories.
Suppose if I ask you about the sum of 5 plus 5 it’s your conscious mind that is going to be used to make the calculations. The conscious mind not only perform logical calculations but also control all the actions that you do intentionally  while being conscious. For example: when you decide to take any action like moving from one seat to another it’s is done by conscious mind.
The conscious mind is also known as the gate keeper of your mind suppose someone tried to present you with a belief that doesn’t match your belief system your conscious mind will filter that belief. Like someone called you ‘dull’ than your conscious mind will come into play and filter this statement and let you realize that you are not really ‘dull’.
On the flip side subconscious mind  is that part of your body which is responsible for all of your unintentional actions. Your breathing rate and heart beats are controlled by subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is also responsible for:
1)    Long term memories
2)   Emotions and feelings
3)   Habits patters, relationship patters, addictions
4)   Unintentional bodily actions
5)   Developmental stage
6)   Spiritual connections
7)   Intuitions
Suppose , you start to control your breath on intention then know that your conscious mind took in charge while if you were breathing without being conscious of the breathing process your subconscious mind was in charge.
Emotions and feelings are also controlled by subconscious mind. That’s why sometimes you feel anxious, or down without wanting to experience such feeling. Subconscious mind is also store house for beliefs and memories our customs and traditions are all part of subconscious mind and stored in it forever we do not learn them often.

How you can find difference between then
Find yourself quiet place to sit. Turn off your phone and dim all lights. This is your time. A time for total relaxation and inner stillness. Take a moment to make sure that you are warm enough, and that you are seated comfortably. Rest your hands loosely in your lap or over knees. Now close your eyes, take long but slow deep breath hold it for a moment and exhale…. Take such 3 – 4 long in-out breaths, this will calm your mind and outer sounds will automatically get lower in volume. Here you are keeping account of your breath while taking long in-out breaths, which means your conscious mind is in charge after few rounds let your breath take place at it’s normal pace without keeping account of in-out action here your subconscious mind take in charge.
In order to achieve personal growth, the best thing that you can do to yourself is to understand how both conscious and subconscious mind work together and then take advantage of their combined power.

In my next blog will share my views on technique that you can apply to control subconscious mind and take advantage for the best healthy prosperous life ahead.
Take care for now…
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Dream full life

I AM SORRY                                                                                                  PLEASE FORGIVE ME

Introduction to this BLOG and BLOGGER NEELAM
Hello! Everyone, I am NEELAM starting this blog with some basic and deep information and knowledge about “living Life Full of Dreams” many of you will ask is this possible to live life we dream daily?
I will say yes it is possible and we can in fact, we should. With each blog on this page I will help readers to open doors of their sub conscious mind and clear clutter to live free, each dream getting manifested, healthy, wealthy and life with unlimited abundance.
All I want to say is, our thoughts play crucial role in the way we are living our present life either its happy or full of worries. You have created this situation for you, with your thoughts and e-motions and feelings, because everything comes from inside of you and me nothing is outside of you or me. Let us clear this with one simple example:
               Lets talk about smokers for a moment, active smoker or passive smoker.  Each person who                                                                                                                                       smokes thinks about chronic/ ill effects of smoking in conscious and sub conscious mind what can happen to his or her body if they continue smoking. As a result, such people can suffer from any of the following mentioned disease like heart disease, cardiovascular disease, blood clots, brain bursts, lungs disease asthma and many more in list. But still such people choose to smoke and ultimately suffer, those people are just giving light to his or her thoughts and running towards the end of life. This situation such people are in, have experienced their thoughts. So why not change our ways and thoughts and live healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.
Back to the topic: From last few couple of months I am reading lot about law of attraction, Art of Living, Cosmic Energies and list is long. I gained a lot from reading and changed my own ways of thoughts and want to share with all readers via this blog. I can say this with 100% guarantee we are all capable of living happy and prosperous life, that too, only and only with the way we think. What actually thought mean for me before reading all about these topics I mentioned in this article ‘thoughts were just ways we thing about others or situation or anything we are experiencing that can be positive or negative’ now I can say this is very narrow understanding of this word but “thought”  actually means what are the kind of vibrations we are actually realizing in the universe to get manifested and universe act for us like jinni of aladeen ka chirag “yours words my command”. Let’s now simplify this with every day situation from our daily life, or you can just re call from your subconscious mind. Let’s begin to understand:  start your day with 5 or 10 min late from your daily schedule. You have to do this to understand better. Now, I am giving you all 2 option to choose from and be with those thoughts only.

Option 1 : so what if I am late by 5 or 10 mins, I will cover this time and be on time again
                   99% chances you will cover and be on time.
Option 2 : oh! No I am late 5 – 10 mins, I’ll be late for office, school or college or where ever you want to go.
                  100% chances you will be late.
But again expectation are always there.
I just hope you got your answer or were able to recall this situation from past if ever you where in this situation. From this you can understand everything was inside your thoughts, inside your subconscious mind nothing was outside of you so stay positive and live positive. Our thoughts release vibration into the universe and our thoughts get converted into reality. We all are capable enough to change our time and situation we are in, with just the way we think about that particular moment. Even the page of next 5mins coming in your way is left empty by god why not fill with positive thoughts and fill your inside with positive vibrations. 
Simple words with deep meaning just give your thoughts and valuable time to double think. In my next blog I will clear what conscious and sub conscious mind are and how power full our subconscious mind is, its even power full than any super computer ever created.
Thanks for now enjoy your life  and change your thoughts.

THANK YOU                                                                                                                I LOVE YOU  

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Life is simple , its just that what we have thought about....
 Our thoughts play crucial role , the way we are living our life,
Make it simple make it easy and make smooth...

On this blog readers will know how thoughts and few application in our life will give new meaning to this living being and give meaning to this life...

God gifted us wonderfull human body  with MIND and HEART..

What Gratitude Brings

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